What is Screen on the Green?

Lauren B. Parks
Lauren B. Parks
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Woman posing

In the tradition of outdoor theater, Screen on the Green is a delightful way to spend an evening under the stars. The basic concept is going to a large park, sitting in the grass, or on a blanket, with food and drink, and enjoying a classic movie on a gigantic screen. The cities that host Screen on the Green show movies as free events, one a week for a select month of the year.

Atlanta, Georgia and Washington, DC host two of the largest, and most widely recognized Screen on the Greens in the United States. London, England also hosts. Find a local newspaper or magazine for more information about your own city.

Since Screen on the Green is so widely enjoyed, the park where the event is hosted tends to get extremely crowded. In light of the crowds, you should plan on arriving early to secure a good picnic and viewing spot. Typically, the films begin at sundown, when the sky is dark enough to simulate a movie theater. However, don’t plan on getting there twenty minutes before sundown and expect to find a great spot. Screen on the Green-goers like to arrive early and enjoy picnics before the movie starts.

In fact, many find the picnic to be the best part. Screen on the Green is very social; there is a community of enjoyment that flows through the crowds. From one picnic blanket to the next, there can be found all sorts of food, wine, quiet dogs, children, and friends. If the movie being screened is a musical, it’s not uncommon for the crowd to sing along!

Though you can bring almost anything, there are typically a few items that no Screen on the Green allows. These items include high-backed chairs, grills, and glass containers. Umbrellas are also looked down upon, as they obstruct the view of those behind you. Following these simple guidelines ensure that everyone in attendance has an exceptional experience.

As for what to bring, many cite the need for bug spray. Again, though, think of others, and bring a can with a small, non-aerosol spray that won’t bother your neighbors. Also, you will likely want to remember water, especially if you bring alcoholic beverages. Lastly, bring something to put your garbage in so that you can leave the park neat and clean.

Screen on the Green is fun, and brings individuals great pleasure. But, if you sit back for a moment and look around the park, you’ll likely feel a sense of peaceful unity and togetherness that can be quit comforting. So, pack your cheese and a blanket, and enjoy the show.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing