What Is Roasted Pineapple?

Sara Schmidt

A fresh, summery treat that many people enjoy, roasted pineapple is a charbroiled tropical fruit. It is usually prepared alongside grilled meat or vegetable dishes. Grilled pineapple may be eaten alone or enjoyed on top of other foods. Depending upon its preparation, it can be a sweet or savory food.


One of the most common ways to enjoy roasted pineapple is as a topping for pork, especially when grilled. Accompaniments might include teriyaki sauce or the fresh juice from oranges or limes. This tropical preparation is reminiscent of the Pacific Islands or Hawaii. Another festive way for roasting pineapple includes doing so on a kebab, or stick, alongside other fruits or vegetables, like peppers and onions. The foods are then eaten directly off the stick, and are sometimes dipped in sauce.

To make an easy, sweet roasted pineapple, the fruit should be washed, cored and sliced before cooking. A sweetening agent, such as brown sugar, is then sprinkled on the fruit. It can then be quickly seared on a grill, or other device of choice, and be ready for eating within minutes. The cook should prepare the pineapple to his or her own desired consistency, as slices may become more tender if given more cooking time. Cooks should take care to grill both sides of each slice of fruit to maximize the full flavor and texture of the roasted pineapple.

Making sweet, caramelized pineapple need not require the use of a grill. Home cooks can prepare this dessert in an oven if that is the only cooking medium available. Washed and cut pineapple pieces can be drizzled with sugar, then baked in the oven for several minutes. The resulting browned fruit may not feature charred markings as deeply as they would on a grill, but they will be juicy and sweet, as well as be ready for serving immediately. When preparing pineapples in the oven, however, it is usually a good idea to utilize unflavored, nonstick cooking spray for the best results.

Some pineapple dishes that call for roasted pineapple include garnishes, such as fresh fruit salsa. Pineapples may be grilled along with other fruits until the desired charring occurs. They can then be diced and mixed with other ingredients, such as flavorful herbs and spices or sweeteners, to make a delicious dip to serve with chips or meat. Pineapple salsa can also serve as a less caloric salad dressing.

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