What Is Ring Training?

Karize Uy

Ring training is a type of exercise workout that utilizes gymnastic rings as its primary equipment. The training heavily borrows many exercise routines from gymnastics. Many people who use this training usually aim to sculpt and build their bodies like that of a gymnast’s.

Increased flexibility and upper-body strength are major benefits of gymnastic ring exercises.
Increased flexibility and upper-body strength are major benefits of gymnastic ring exercises.

Primarily, the muscles in the upper body are put to work by the ring training. The training can also be particularly beneficial for strengthening the core and toning the abdominal muscles. It works out the arm muscles, the triceps and the biceps, since most, if not all, exercise routines make use of the arms. A person can develop the muscles in his lower body with a complementary training, since the ring training is not as beneficial for the lower body.

One of the benefits of ring training is that it helps develop strength. It takes a great deal of effort for a gymnast to lift himself up in the air with just his arms, a skill that any person can eventually learn to do. The gymnastic ring training also builds muscle control, in which a person can learn how to isolate some muscles to perform a routine effectively. With continued training, the muscles will develop a tolerance for harder and longer routines and can withstand more strain.

Ring training can also help in increasing muscle mass. Compared to weightlifting that can heavily bulk up the muscles, a gymnastic rings workout tones the muscles without making them too bulky. Many exercises may focus on building up the large muscles, but gymnastic ring routines also use the smaller muscles. This makes for a more defined and balanced physique. Lean muscles are also worked, creating a longer and trimmer torso that gymnasts possess.

Training with gymnastic rings can also develop one’s flexibility and sense of balance. Ring training usually requires a person to be lifted off the ground, such as in dips where a person has to lower his torso and keep his feet up in the air. An increase in flexibility can also increase muscle and joint strength and improve posture as well.

A person can easily start his own ring training since equipment setup does not take up much time or space. All it needs are several rings, some screws, and sturdy pieces of cord. The equipment is also transportable and can even be installed on trees. Beginners can start their training by spending a few minutes working out, and then gradually increase the duration and the intensity of exercises as their strength and flexibility increases.

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