What Is Renewable Energy Consulting?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Renewable energy consulting is a service available to individuals and institutions that want more information about renewable energy options for homes, businesses, and power generating facilities. Firms that specialize in this service can provide an array of options to their clients for fees that may vary, depending on the nature of the product. Engineers, electricians, and other specialists can provide renewable energy consulting and other services related to concerns about environmental pollution and energy.

A wind farm that's used to make renewable energy.
A wind farm that's used to make renewable energy.

Individuals can use renewable energy consulting to discuss options for homes and businesses. These can include the installation of windmills and solar panels, or subscription to a utility that uses environmentally friendly methods of energy generation. A consultant can offer information about available systems, potential savings, and things like government credits that may be available. The consultant can participate in every step of the way from initial research to installation of a system.

On an industrial and commercial level, renewable energy consulting can include discussions about larger renewable energy plants to supply the needs of a facility like a factory. Consultants can also provide information on benefits to companies that increase their use of renewable energy. These can vary from year to year and may also change by region, which makes it important to use an expert who is very familiar with all the options. It is possible to save on long-term energy costs with the right system, and to receive additional benefits by registering with government programs, if a consultant is knowledgeable.

The power industry also uses renewable energy consulting. Firms considering the establishment of new energy generation facilities, or overhauls of existing ones, can call in a consultant to get more information. This can be especially useful for companies with ample energy experience, but no specific expertise in a particular form of renewable energy. Consultants can evaluate sites and help companies determine which methods would be best for their needs. They can also help companies design and install systems and apply for tax credits and other available benefits.

Work in the field of renewable energy consulting requires a thorough knowledge of renewable energy, including projects and methods still in development. An understanding of the policy and regulation behind the industry, as well as the science, is also critical, as consultants need to provide sound legal and financial advice. Members of this industry may belong to trade organizations, attend conferences, and take advantage of other professional development opportunities. These can provide consultants with more information they can use to help their clients.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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