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What Is Physical Strength?

C. Daw
C. Daw

Physical strength within a person is defined to be how much force, or resistance, that they can apply to any given task. In basic terms, it is how much a person can lift, carry, or pull without causing any damage to themselves. It is also related to physical stamina, which is how long the given weight can be carried or moved. Many people throughout the world work out regularly to stay in shape, but when actual strength training is done, the important aspect is how much weight can be lifted or moved, not how long the task can be done.

Being able to lift or move extremely heavy objects, such as weights or home appliances, requires various degrees of physical strength. Depending whether the task is part of a daily job, or is a hobby such as power lifting, the exercise regime will vary. If objects are moved on a daily basis, then less strength and more stamina will be needed. On the other hand, if competing in a power lifting competition, strength would be the requirement. Strength is increased by repetitively lifting the maximum amount that a person can without causing injury, and increasing that amount when possible.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Diet is a major component in muscle density, as well as building and maintaining them. Physical strength requires vast amounts of proteins to be eaten, and the diet will usually have an increase in calories. Muscles use much more calories than fat cells do, so the stronger a person is, the more that they have to consume throughout the day. Of course, in order to maintain the muscle and avoid gaining fat, the calories must come from healthy foods low in fat and cholesterol.

Many of the common exercises done to gain physical strength is different than what most people are used to completing. Basic exercises include such things as aerobics and light resistance training that requires a small amount of weight lifted or moved repetitively for two to three sets. Strength training begins with one light set to warm the muscles up, and then lifting as much as possible one or two times. The point of this is to slowly increase the amount that can be lifted or moved. This type of training is solely designed to increase the physical strength of a person, but it does nothing for physical endurance. Many people wrongly assume that if a person can lift a large amount, that they can carry it for a long time, and even though in some cases this may be true, the majority of people that can power lift cannot endurance lift.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing