What is Personal Development Training?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett
Personal development training often involves overcoming certain traits like shyness.
Personal development training often involves overcoming certain traits like shyness.

Personal development training is a method some people use to change certain personal qualities deemed unproductive or undesirable by others or themselves. Essentially, personal development training involves working to change the way a person thinks, acts, or otherwise engages with the world on a highly intimate level. For instance, this type of training often involves getting rid of personality features like shyness or lack of charisma. In some cases, personal development training simply means becoming the person one wants to be using lessons, books, and classes. There are a number of different ways to undergo this type of training, including taking courses, setting personal goals, and contacting a life coach or other career trainer.

Many people are unhappy with their lives and feel that their perceived lack of success is due to certain personality traits, such as being lazy or overly shy. These people feel that if they were more confident they would achieve more in professional and personal settings. For a person in this category, there is personal development training designed simply to address both self-perception and the way a person interacts with the world. In many cases, practicing confidence in a controlled setting is enough to positively impact a person's confidence and ability to achieve goals.

For people who are actually deficient in some measurable area, such as the ability to follow through with plans, working with a life coach as part of personal development training can be quite beneficial. Many people who are trained to provide personal development training understand what causes problems such as procrastination or slowness in professional and personal settings, and can therefore provide helpful exercises and strategies for dealing with these problems. Additionally, a life coach may be able to pinpoint what personality problem is causing the procrastination, making way for even more personal development.

What constitutes personal development is largely a matter of opinion, but in general becoming the person one wants to be is the goal of any program. This may include superficial aspects, such as being physically fit or beautiful, as well as professional goals, such as gaining a promotion. Having an idea about what specifically a person would like to achieve using personal development training cannot only help select the best program for those goals, but can itself be the first step to achieving a happier life. Improving self-awareness is one of the first and most important steps in personal development training because it allows for improvement long past the training itself.

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I could not agree with you more. I know that these seminars offer personal and professional development as well.

When you conquer one problem the confidence boost that you receive often spills over into other areas of your life.

People can grow in many different aspects of their lives simultaneously. For example, we can lose weight and develop our public speaking skills or start a business.

The main thing to remember with goals is that success is not a destination and you are really looking for progress not perfection when measuring your success. If you treat yourself well and don’t beat yourself up when you suffer a setback you will have a chance at success.


I totally agree. There was a study that indicated that men were more successful with weight loss because they were more positive and congratulatory when they lost weight.

Researchers believe that there is a link between optimism and success. When we take a personality development training class we really have to ask what is the obstacle to us achieving our goal.

With weight loss a common reason that some people are not successful because of their all or nothing attitude where you can not celebrate small successes.

But a bigger reason often lies with the individual. Usually when we try to fill a void in our lives we will resort to anything that will take this emptiness away.

A lot of people with weight problems fall into this category because food is their preferred drug and they do not want to face their painful problems. Dealing with painful feelings is sometimes too difficult for some people which is why we have food addicts, drug addicts, work addicts and alcoholics.

Personal development seminars address these obstacles toward success.


I think that personal development seminars are inspirational.

I always leave those seminars with such a sense of confidence. I think that the problem with goals is that we tend to not be realistic or if we suffer setbacks we throw in the towel too quickly just to prove to ourselves that we could not reach the goal that we set out.

Weight loss goals is a perfect example. We tend to be excited when we start a weight loss program but then get demoralized when we don’t lose weight as fast as we would like or fluctuations in the scale cause us to give up on weight loss altogether.

The problem lies in the fact that setbacks are par for the course. It will happen and it is our reactions to these setbacks that determine if we will be successful. Here is where personality development begins.


Having a personal development plan really takes the dream that you have and puts it into action.

Really that is the difference between a dream and an actualized goal. The reason why many people seek personal development courses is because for some reason they can’t put their dreams into action.

Sometimes people want to go from zero to sixty immediately without putting in the necessary effort that it takes to achieve a goal.

Some major personality development tips include writing down your goal and making small steps toward it.

If your personal development goal is to lose weight, you first have to measure your actual weight and then set small goals for yourself.

Your actual weight loss goals should be no more than one to two pounds a week. Every couple of weeks you should try to change one habit that previously set you back and in a year you will be dramatically closer to your goal than you could ever imagine.

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    • Personal development training often involves overcoming certain traits like shyness.
      By: gstockstudio
      Personal development training often involves overcoming certain traits like shyness.