What Is Olmesartan Medoxomil?

Meshell Powell

Olmesartan medoxomil is a prescription medication that may be used alone or in combination with other drugs to treat high blood pressure or congestive heart failure. This medication helps to prevent the tightening of blood vessels so that blood can flow more smoothly throughout the body. Potential side effects of olmesartan medoxomil include dizziness, hoarseness, or difficulty breathing. The use of olmesartan medoxomil may not be appropriate for some patients, so any specific questions or concerns should be discussed with a doctor or other medical professional.

A medical professional checks a man's blood pressure.  Olmesartan medoxomil may be prescribed to help lower blood pressure.
A medical professional checks a man's blood pressure. Olmesartan medoxomil may be prescribed to help lower blood pressure.

This drug is usually prescribed in the form of a pill and is designed to be taken once per day with or without food. A liquid preparation can be made for children or those who have trouble swallowing pills. The dosage may be increased in small increments until the desired effects are achieved. It is important to take this medication exactly as prescribed by a doctor in order to avoid potential complications. Many find it helpful to take this drug at the same time each day, as this makes it easier to remember and helps to keep the amount of medication in the blood at a steady level.

Most people are able to take olmesartan medoxomil without experiencing any negative side effects. When side effects are present, they are normally mild and go away after a few days as the body adjusts to the new medication. Dizziness and lightheadedness are the most commonly reported symptoms, so special care should be taken when operating heavy machinery or performing any activity that requires intense focus or concentration. Symptoms such as difficulty breathing or swelling of the face, lips, or tongue may indicate the development of a severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction.

Patients with certain medical conditions may not be able to take olmesartan medoxomil. Doctors should be informed of all preexisting medical conditions, especially kidney or liver disease. Those with some heart conditions may not be advised to take this medication. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take olmesartan medoxomil without the approval of a doctor.

Some medications may not interact well with olmesartan medoxomil and may need to be discontinued. These medications typically include cold medications and stimulant medicines such as diet pills. Potassium supplements are not usually recommended for those taking this type of blood pressure medication. A low-sodium diet may be recommended, particularly for patients with compromised kidney function. Dietary and medication changes should be made only under the supervision of a doctor or medical professional.

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