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What is Myosotis?

Alex Paul
Alex Paul

Myosotis, more commonly known as a forget-me-not, is a genus of plant. The genus contains around 50 different spaces and, unlike a number of other plant genera, these species show a large amount of variation in size and color. Myosotis plants can be either annual or perennial in nature, which means that some only flower for a single season, while others flowers year after year. Species of the genus are found across the world, although the majority were originally from New Zealand.

Plants of the Myosotis genus are popular amongst gardeners. To grow effectively, most species require partial shade and a moist environment. For this reason, the plants need to be carefully placed. In the wild, species of Myosotis are often found close to water, as these regions provide the moist soil that they require.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

The variation between different species of the genus can be substantial. Most plants have relatively small flowers, but these can be of a number of colors, including pink and blue. The center of the flowers is often yellow, although this can also vary by species. Traditional forget-me-nots usually have blue flowers.

Myosotis plants are distributed throughout most regions of the world. There are species native to Europe, but most were originally found in New Zealand. Certain species have been introduced into America and Asia. Usually, the plants require a temperate region to flower successfully, but they can grow well in a range of conditions.

As the flowers begin to appear in spring, gardeners often use them to provide color to a garden before the summer plants appear. In general, the plants are relatively easy to grow. Typically, the flowers should be planted in autumn, although they can also be planted during early spring. Enough space between the seeds should be provided for expansion, but the plants can cope well with crowded conditions. The plants can be grown in both large flowerbeds and individually.

There are a number of connections between this genus of plant and human history. For example, the flower was used as a symbol by the English King Henry IV. The forget-me-not is also the official flower of Alaska. There are various legends regarding the name of the flowers, such as the story of a drowning knight who throws a bouquet of flowers to his bride, shouting “forget-me-not” in the process. There are also connections between the plants and religion, specifically with Christianity.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass