What is Molineria?

Pamela Pleasant
Pamela Pleasant
Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Molineria, or palm grass, is a tender perennial plant. It belongs to the hypoxidaceae family of plants but it can also be considered a liliaceae because it produces blooms. The plant can be used as an accent in the garden or it can be placed in a pot and kept indoors. Although this plant can handle occasional cooler temperatures, it is a tropical plant and it cannot be kept outdoors in temperatures that go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (around four Celsius). When the molineria plant is exposed to cooler temperatures, it can appear to be in distress but it is known to return in the spring.

The leaves on the molineria are a bright green color and have a waxy texture. They are long and thin and they drape downward as they grow. Molineria can reach up to six feet in height (around one meter) and they can quickly spread out to cover an area. Although they are not considered invasive plants, they may take up a bit of room because of the length of the leaves. This makes them a good choice for a ground covering plant.

In mid-summer this plant produces blooms, but they have no scent. These flowers have six separate petals that come together in a circular shape. They are a yellow color and have a slight funnel-like indent in the center. After these flowers start to bloom, the molineria plant then produces a husk-covered fruit. It is edible, which can attract birds and other animals into the garden area.

When it comes to direct sunlight, the molineria plant needs little to survive. It seems to grow just as well in shaded areas as it does in direct sunlight. Constant damp soil is needed for the plant to thrive and if the molineria plant is deprived of enough water it can be damaged or die. This plant does unusually well resisting diseases as well as insect infestations.

The molineria plant is native to Australia and Asia but only in the warmer climates. The fibrous leaves from these plants are extremely strong. For this reason, they are used for making various types of nets. This plant must have ample room to grow and it should be kept away from other plants because it is strong and cannot be easily removed, especially when it has a healthy root system.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass