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What Is Mint Cheesecake?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Mint cheesecake is a dessert that is often made by simply preparing a cheesecake recipe and adding mint extract to it for flavor. There are a number of variations to this basic concept including the type of crust that can be made and the inclusion of chocolate in the cheesecake itself. Spearmint extract is typically used to add the mint flavor, though some liqueurs like crème de menthe are also quite popular. Mint cheesecake is often served plain, without accompaniment, though some people prefer to top it with some whipped cream or chocolate ganache.

Sometimes called grasshopper cheesecake, mint cheesecake is essentially a standard dessert that is made with mint flavor rather than vanilla extract commonly used in other types of cheesecake. Although various recipes may require different steps, a cheesecake is typically made through a combination of cream cheese, butter, and sugar that is beaten together in a bowl. Eggs are then added to this mixture, along with some milk or heavy cream and a little bit of flavoring. Different ingredients can be used for this flavoring, such as vanilla extract or melted chocolate, though mint extract is typically used in a mint cheesecake.

Mint leaves.
Mint leaves.

The crust of a mint cheesecake can be made in a number of ways, though it often involves crushed graham crackers or cookies. These are chopped or crushed into crumbs and then mixed with melted butter and pushed down into the bottom of a pan for use with the cheesecake filling. Some recipes may require that the crust be partially baked before the cheesecake is added to it, though this depends on the steps necessary to complete the dessert. Mint cheesecake is often made with a chocolate crust to accompany the minty flavor of the dish, which is usually made from crushed chocolate wafer cookies.

Spearmint extract is commonly used to make mint cheesecake, though this depends on the type of mint flavor that is preferred. Liquor such as crème de menthe is quite popular, and provides a slightly different minty taste that is unlike the spearmint flavor of many extracts. Once the mint cheesecake is baked, usually in a water bath, it is allowed to cool completely and is typically chilled before serving. This dessert is often served on its own, with the mint flavor of the filling matching well with the chocolate crust. Additional toppings can be served with it, including chocolate ganache and whipped cream, which can also be flavored with mint extract.

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    • Mint leaves.
      By: hvoya
      Mint leaves.