What Is Mineral Mascara?

Dee Jones

For those with sensitive eyes or allergies, or people who wear contact lenses, the chemicals and additives found in some commercial eye makeup can be too harsh and irritating. Mineral mascara can be an ideal alternative for anyone who prefers using natural cosmetics. These products are often marketed as being pure and natural, so they are often made using fewer chemicals, additives and preservatives than traditional brands. Mineral makeup, including mineral mascara, is made with ground minerals and other natural ingredients, and is less likely to cause damage or irritation to the eyes or eyelashes.

Mineral mascara is less likely to irritate a person's eyes.
Mineral mascara is less likely to irritate a person's eyes.

Some traditional mascaras contain ingredients that can not only irritate the eyes, but can also dry out and damage the eyelashes. One of the biggest advantages of using mineral mascaras is that they contain mostly natural ingredients, making them less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions. Many believe that mineral mascara keeps the eyelashes more soft and flexible than other brands, while also lengthening and thickening the eyelashes. Some believe mineral mascara makes the eyelashes look less “made up” than other brands, making it the ideal choice for those who want a natural look.

A woman applying mineral mascara to her eyelashes.
A woman applying mineral mascara to her eyelashes.

When buying any cosmetic product, it is important to read the labels. Some products marketed as mineral mascara contain fewer chemicals and synthetic ingredients than others, so look for mineral mascara that contains a high percentage of minerals. Those with sensitive eyes or allergies should look for mascara that contains no dyes, preservatives, or fragrances. People with brittle eyelashes should look for brands that contain natural conditioners like vitamin E, aloe or jojoba, as these ingredients will help to strengthen the lashes.

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For the most part, mineral mascara can be used and treated just like traditional mascara. One difference is that mineral makeup doesn’t always provide as much coverage, which is fine for those who want more natural looking eyelashes. Others might find it desirable to apply two coats of mineral mascara to get the desired look. Like traditional mascara, mineral mascara should be replaced every two to six months, depending on the frequency of use. Every time mascara is used, the wand being taken from and then returned to the tube adds air to the tube, which can make the mascara dry and clumpy, meaning the more often a mascara is used, the sooner it will have to be replaced.

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