What is Milk Body Butter? (with picture)

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill
Milk is the main ingredient in milk body butter.
Milk is the main ingredient in milk body butter.

Milk body butter is a type of skin treatment that involves the use of milk as a main ingredient. This can include whole cow’s milk as well as coconut milk; or a combination of the two. The skin beautifying benefits of milk have long been known, and milk body butter allows everyday consumers to take advantage of those affects.

For centuries, milk has provided a way to instantly smooth and soften the skin. It is rumored that Cleopatra used to take milk baths frequently as a beauty enhancer. Today, most consumers do not take advantage of milk in the same way. Instead, milk shampoos, moisturizers and milk body butter can be purchased to get the same skin softening effects.

Milk works to soften the skin because it contains several naturally occurring acids. These acids act in different ways to cleanse, soften, and exfoliate the skin. For example, alpha-hydroxy is an acid that acts as a natural cleanser; while beta-hydroxy exfoliates. Milk also contains various proteins which helps make the skin soft and supple.

Milk body butter uses the skin enhancing attributes of milk combined with other ingredients to create a thick cream used to moisturize the skin. The types of additional ingredients added may include fragrances and natural oils to enhance the skin softening effects. Some varieties of milk body butter use coconut milk instead of or in combination with traditional cow’s milk.

It is possible to find milk body butter in beauty supply stores, department stores, or online. The prices for each kind vary widely depending on brand and type. Some all natural varieties can also be found in health food stores and websites. These options use organic or all-natural milk with other ingredients, further enhancing the positive effects.

Deciding on which body butter to use involves a bit of trial and error for the consumer. No particular product is perfect for every skin type. Oily skin, very dry skin and sensitive skin all need specialized products to enhance their natural beauty without causing irritation or breakouts.

Milk body butter may work best when used in combination with old-fashioned milk baths. To create a milk bath, fill a bathtub with water and add as much milk as desired. Soaking in the mixture for twenty minutes will leave skin feeling instantly soft and smooth. It is important to rinse milk from the skin thoroughly, as well as to clean the tub of milk residue.

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    • Milk is the main ingredient in milk body butter.
      Milk is the main ingredient in milk body butter.