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What is Mildew Remediation?

Harriette Halepis
Harriette Halepis

When efforts are made to remove mildew and mold from a structure, the process is often called "mildew remediation." Mildew can grow in a number of places, though is is most common in high moisture areas. When mildew is not properly eradicated, serious health-related problems can occur, including allergy attacks and other respiratory issues.

When mold and mildew are found at surface-level, then they can often be removed by washing the surface thoroughly. Mildew on a hard surface, such as wood or concrete, can be removed with a vacuum containing a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. Most mildew seeps into a surface, however, and is often difficult to remove. When mold turns into a dark color, or gives off a strong odor, then it is time to call a professional remediation crew. Occupants of a dwelling will usually be asked to leave a building while mold and mildew are being removed.

Mildew occurs in areas that are moist and should be removed immediately.
Mildew occurs in areas that are moist and should be removed immediately.

For those homeowners who are battling drywall that has been affected by mold and mildew, there is a simple solution that may help with the problem. While wearing safety goggles and gloves, a small amount of baking soda combined with a small amount of water can be applied to the area with a sponge. This spot can be rubbed gently with the baking soda solution, being extra careful not to soak the area with too much water. After allowing the area to dry for a number of days, observe the cleaned space once more. If mildew has seeped onto the surface of the area once again, then a professional mildew remediation crew must be notified.

No matter what kind of mildew remediation is being attempted, protective goggles should be worn at all times. Many kinds of mold are toxic, and can be dangerous for people who are not wearing the right protective gear. Children and infants should be kept away from any moldy area in order to reduce the possibility of a lung infection.

Preventing mildew growth is possible. Since mildew mostly grows in high-moisture areas, make sure that all areas of a home or business are properly ventilated. Bathrooms should contain a ventilation system, or a large window, and basements can be drained of any extra moisture with the help of a dehumidifier. When mildew is detected, attempts at mildew remediation should be made right away; this will stop any mildew from spreading further.

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    • Mildew occurs in areas that are moist and should be removed immediately.
      By: Zlatan Durakovic
      Mildew occurs in areas that are moist and should be removed immediately.