What Is Microwave Fudge?

Sara Schmidt

Of all the types of fudge, microwave fudge is considered one of the easiest to make. It is prepared completely within the microwave, rather than in the traditional saucepan method. Making fudge through this method is fast and simple, and results in a confection similar to traditional fudge that can be enjoyed as a treat or given away as a gift. Microwave fudge can also be a sensible holiday indulgence, with many recipes yielding 100 calories per serving.

Woman baking cookies
Woman baking cookies

Cooking fudge in a microwave is as simple as assembling the ingredients and mixing them together before microwaving them. Microwave fudge usually consists of semisweet chocolate, butter, and milk. Salt and vanilla extract are typically needed as well. Though any semisweet chocolate will work, most cooks prefer the chocolate in the form of chips to ensure a faster melting time and a more uniform product. Confectioner's sugar and cocoa may be called for instead, depending upon the recipe.

Depending upon the preferences of the cook, flavored fudge can also be prepared in the microwave. Peanut butter is an easy ingredient to add to any microwave fudge recipe, particularly when using small peanut butter chips. Nuts and miniature marshmallows are another popular addition, and can be used to prepare Rocky Road fudge. Raspberry jam, or any other fruit spread, can be added to create a sweet, fruity fudge as well.

Once the all of the ingredients, save for the salt and vanilla extract, are combined in a microwave safe bowl or dish, it can be placed inside the appliance and heated until fully melted. This usually takes five minutes or less, though times may increase depending upon the age and wattage of the microwave. After carefully removing the microwave fudge mixture, the cook may then stir until the fudge is well mixed and homogenous, adding in the salt and vanilla extract.

The fudge is then poured into a square pan lined with aluminum foil. It can be garnished with any nuts preferred, such as chopped walnuts or pecans, or simply left plain. To set the treat, the cook should cover it and leave it in the refrigerator for a minimum of two hours. Once the microwave fudge is completely set, it may be sliced and eaten, or wrapped and given as a gift. The fudge can be given a creative twist if set in a heart-shaped or other novelty pan, and wrapped in colorful cellophane.

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