What Is Medical Attention?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

"Medical attention" is a term that is used to refer to any type of medical treatment a patient receives, from first aid to recovery. Different types of medical attention exist, and the term usually refers to treatments that are administered by trained professionals; this is not always the case, however, as first aid can also be considered to be part of this category and can be administered by anyone with basic knowledge and training. The term also refers to the application of medicine, which is the practice of diagnosing and/or healing illnesses and injury.

First aid is a type of medical attention that is administered at the time of an injury or illness. It may involve immobilizing a victim, applying pressure to a wound, or administering the rice treatment: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. First aid may also refer to the process of treating for shock, making a splint, or even transporting a victim out of a hostile or dangerous situation. Once first aid is administered, a victim is usually transported to a hospital or doctor's office, where primary care can be given. This type of medical attention is more in-depth, and it is left up to trained professionals.

Emergency care is administered at emergency rooms or even in ambulances on the way to medical centers. This kind of medical attention is considered urgent, and the patient's life may be at risk. Once a patient arrives at the hospital, the emergency care will continue to be administered by an emergency room doctor, who is trained to assess the severity of injuries or illnesses quickly and accurately. Hospital care may then come next if the patient needs to stay overnight or long-term, and primary care physicians as well as hospital doctors may attend to the patient.

Primary care medical attention refers to a person's regular physician or doctor. A trip to the doctor's office for a physical examination, for example, may be considered primary care. Specialists include doctors who are extremely knowledgeable in one specific type of medicine; a cardiologist, for example, studies the heart and related processes, and he is able to diagnose heart issues or run diagnostic tests in that pursuit.

Other professionals can provide medical attention as well. A physical therapist, for example, may work in a medical setting to help patients recover from injuries or surgeries. A mental health professional can provide medical care in a different way, by diagnosing and treating mental illnesses or other mental issues.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book