What Is Matte Blush?

Amanda R. Bell

Matte blush is a makeup product that is meant to provide color to the face. The term “matte” refers to the finish of the product and means that it does not have any added shimmer or glitter. This product is available in several different forms, and it can be applied to nearly any part of the face. It is available in a variety of colors, and is often considered ideal for those with oily skin or large pores.

Matte blush is commonly sold in pressed powder form.
Matte blush is commonly sold in pressed powder form.

Blush, or blusher, comes in a variety of different finishes, many of which include some amount of shimmer. A matte blush does not contain any light-reflecting ingredients, including shimmer or glitter, and simply provides an even, pure wash of color. It is most commonly sold in pressed powder form, although loose powder is available as well. A liquid or cream variety also lacks any shimmery ingredients, although these products do tend to provide a more dewy finish because of the consistency.

Matte blush provides even color to the cheeks.
Matte blush provides even color to the cheeks.

In most cases, a matte blush is used on the apples of the cheeks or underneath the cheekbones to add color to this area following the application of a base makeup product such as foundation or powder. In some cases, it may be dusted lightly over the nose, ears, or temples to give the appearance of a natural flush. It can also be used as an eyeshadow, especially in the crease of the eyes or over the brow bones on those who do not have sensitive eyes. Certain shades of matte blush can also be applied as a contour color, adding shape and structure to the face, especially if the product leans more towards tan or brown shades.

As with other types of blush, matte products are available in a variety of colors. Shades of pink, ranging from light to dark, are often the most versatile. Many shades of matte blush contain some amount of orange or red in the product, which can work well during the summer months or on those with darker skin. The depth and pigmentation of a matte blush can vary drastically, with some being sheer and others providing very bright, noticeable color.

This product is typically recommended for those with oily skin or large pores. While shimmer can make a person’s skin appear shinier and emphasize pores, a matte blush will typically make the skin look smoother. Even for those with normal or combination skin, a matte blush is often ideal, as it allows a person to add highlighting with another product, helping him or her to limit the amount of shimmer applied to the face.

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