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What Is Marketing Communications?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Marketing communications is a type of advertising, often abbreviated MarCom. It refers to promotional materials that are intended both to communicate with, and to sell to customers. Marketers often refer to methods of advertising as the "marketing mix," or the "four P's," which are place, price, promotion, and product. Marketing communications represent the promotion aspect of that. There are many different ways that businesses will promote their products and boost communications with their customers, such as print advertising, promotional products, and commercials, just to name a few.

In any corporation, it is very likely that a team of people will be working on producing the marketing communications, yet the result should sound like one consistent voice. It is very important to companies to develop a brand image and then stick to that brand, and marketing is one of the most effective ways to get that brand message out there, and to increase brand familiarity among customers. Companies want customers to develop positive associations with the company through a myriad of communication techniques, so that when the customer wants to make a purchase or use a service, that company will be the first one they think of.

Businessman giving a thumbs-up
Businessman giving a thumbs-up

Print media is one of the most common forms of marketing communications. These can include direct mailings to customers, such as fliers or circular advertisements. Printed ads in newspapers or magazines are another option; web-based advertising, such as text ads or banner ads, can be considered another form of print marketing communications. Because customers have become fairly savvy to print media, however, it is necessary for companies to step up their efforts and try to make it blend even more seamlessly, often so customers are reading advertisements without even realizing it.

Television and radio commercials are some other common types of marketing communications, though many customers simply tune these out now too. Promotional products can be considered another type of marketing communications that are becoming more popular; these can include tote bags, promotional key chains, or mugs, just to name a few. Customers may be more likely to remember the company favorably if they have a related item they use on an everyday basis. The point of any type of advertising or marketing is to be eye catching and memorable, so it is important for all companies to use as many avenues as they possibly can to get the customer's attention, even if this means investing additional money in promotional products.

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    • Businessman giving a thumbs-up
      Businessman giving a thumbs-up