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What is Lutein Complex?

Licia Morrow
Licia Morrow

Lutein Complex is a plant-extracted nutritional supplement and herbal remedy sold in the form of a vitamin or pill. This product is designed to support and protect the eyes, especially from macular degeneration and cataracts. Additionally, manufacturers of Lutein Complex claim it can help with eye strain and weakness, as well as night vision and sensitivity to light. Lutein can be found in the retinas of human eyes and is essential for eyesight.

Lutein is an antioxidant cartenoid found in plants, but it is often combined with other supplements to create Lutein Complex. Lutein Complex is often a mix of lutein, bilberry, ginkgo, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Many different formulas of the supplement are available, depending upon manufacturer.

Spinach contains lutein.
Spinach contains lutein.

Some research supports the theory that this supplement provides additional protection to the skin, and can help to reverse the effects of free radical toxins. Cardiovascular disease, through a reduction in the thickening of arteries, was found to decrease in severity when higher amounts of lutein were introduced into the body. Some also claim that adequate amounts of lutein can help to prevent colon cancer. While many of these claims have not been solidified, emerging research has shown that Lutein Complex might be an essential building block of nutrition and health.

Peas are high in lutein.
Peas are high in lutein.

Free radicals have been linked to numerous diseases, which can make Lutein Complex important to the human body. Lutein can help to protect the eyes and skin, the only organs of the body with full environmental exposure. The eyes and skin are believed to be protected by lutein because it blocks certain wavelengths of light, called blue wavelengths. These blue wavelengths, though different from the well-known ultraviolet A and B types, have been linked to harmful free radicals in humans.

Lutein can be found in kale.
Lutein can be found in kale.

Cartenoids, or pigments, such as lutein are found in green vegetables such as kale and spinach. Lutein can also be found in many fruits, corn, and eggs. Other high-lutein foods include zucchini, peas, Brussels sprouts, and pistachios. Most people do not eat enough natural lutein in their diets, and need a dietary supplement to counteract damage and maintain health.

Manufacturers of Lutein Complex claim it can help eye strain and weakness.
Manufacturers of Lutein Complex claim it can help eye strain and weakness.

There is no current recommended daily allowance for lutein. In order to block and prevent damage, researchers encourage individuals to ingest between six and ten milligrams of lutein a day, the equivalent of eating a large bowl of leafy greens every day. The only proven side effect of too much lutein is darkening of the skin.

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Discussion Comments


My family is prone to cataracts and other eye problems. Because of this, I make sure to get plenty of lutein in my diet.

I have considered taking lutein complex, but I’m afraid I might overdose, because I do eat a lot of zucchini and pistachios. I’m not sure how many milligrams are in each serving, but I should look into it, I suppose.

Zucchini sauteed in olive oil is delicious. I often throw in some chicken and rice and make a meal out of it.

For dessert or a snack, I eat pistachios dipped in dark chocolate. I get a little carried away with this sometimes, which is another reason I think I get plenty of lutein.


Well, this is good news to me! I eat a big bowl of spinach with salad dressing every day at lunch.

I have always heard that spinach is wonderful for you, so I decided to give it a second shot. I ate it years ago and hated it, but that was the cooked kind.

I tried it raw with a bit of dressing, and I loved it. This is the best way to eat it, because cooking it can zap it of nutrients.

I had never heard of lutein complex before, but I’m glad I read this article. It’s good to know that I’m doing something right for my body!

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    • Spinach contains lutein.
      By: Alessio Cola
      Spinach contains lutein.
    • Peas are high in lutein.
      By: sevenk
      Peas are high in lutein.
    • Lutein can be found in kale.
      By: forevergreen
      Lutein can be found in kale.
    • Manufacturers of Lutein Complex claim it can help eye strain and weakness.
      By: Innovated Captures
      Manufacturers of Lutein Complex claim it can help eye strain and weakness.