What is Liquid Nutrition?

Pamela Pleasant

Liquid nutrition is a vitamin-enriched supplement, which comes in the form of a drink. Typically, these drinks are thick like milk and they come in a variety of flavors. They can also come in powdered form and water or milk can be added. It is thought that these supplements can be more easily ingested into the body. The vitamins and minerals found in liquid nutrition can be absorbed at a faster rate than simply taking average vitamin pills.

Powdered drink mixes can be used for liquid nutrition.
Powdered drink mixes can be used for liquid nutrition.

This can be beneficial for people who are not getting the recommended amount of nutrition by eating foods. Some medical conditions or medical treatments such as chemotherapy can make it difficult to consume foods. The throat or mouth can become sensitive or an appetite can be nonexistent. By incorporating liquid nutrition into a diet, the correct amount of nutrition can be added on a daily basis. It can be essential for people who are undergoing a medical treatment or trying to combat a disease.

Toddlers can be picky about what they eat and may benefit from liquid nutrition.
Toddlers can be picky about what they eat and may benefit from liquid nutrition.

There are many other helpful ingredients found in liquid nutrition, apart from vitamins. Amino acids and fatty acids are also added, which can build up proteins within the body and help with metabolic functions. They also help with the chemical process of conveying messages from one nerve to another. These amino acids have antioxidant properties. This means that they can also help to fight off free radicals associated with premature aging, as well as certain types of cancers and other diseases.

Elderly people are more susceptible to certain conditions such as heart disease or osteoporosis. Liquid nutrition can help to eliminate the risks for these types of illnesses. A toddler may not be getting proper nutrition because of the amount of sugars and fats in the foods he prefers to eat. By using liquid nutrition, a child may prefer the taste and also benefit from the bioavailability of vitamins in a liquid form. When a vitamin pill is taken, only 30 percent of the vitamins and minerals are usually used by the body and when it comes to liquid supplements, 98 percent of the vitamins are commonly taken in.

Consuming liquid nutrition can help to boost energy levels. It can be used by people who have problems with digestion or elimination because it is easily processed within the body. Liquid supplements do not contain any empty calories, so they can also be used to enhance a diet plan.

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