What is Lipotherme&Trade;?

Andy Josiah

Lipotherme™ is an anti-aging procedure that involves the use of a fat-burning laser. The term is a portmanteau, as it combines "lipo," which means fat, with "therme," which stands for heat. Thus, Lipotherme™ literally refers to applying small, controlled doses of heat to liquefy fat.

Patients should tell doctors what medications they are taking before a Lipotherme™ procedure.
Patients should tell doctors what medications they are taking before a Lipotherme™ procedure.

Lipotherme™ is also known by its clinical term, laser-assisted lipolysis. This indicates that it is a form of liposuction, which is a cosmetic surgery operation that removes fat from certain parts of the body. Lipotherme™, however, is considered to be an enhanced version of liposuction in that it is minimally invasive. Also, the procedure requires less time to administer and not as much time to heal.

Specifically, Lipotherme™ is used to burn off fat deposits in the abdomen, thighs, knees, hips, waist and ankles. It also targets the chin and cheeks on the face, and the triceps, which are the muscles on the back of the arms. People who have fat deposits that refuse to go away despite exercise or diet can see their doctors regarding the procedure. Patients typically receive a consultation, which involves discussion of fat-burning goals, health indicators and expectations from the treatment. Additionally, doctors conduct a body mass index (BMI) test to determine the candidate's level of fat based on weight and height.

To perform Lipotherme™, doctors start by giving the patient a localized numbing agent. A small tube made of metal is placed beneath the skin, then moved back and forth as a laser beam is utilized to warm and liquefy the fat cells. The doctor concludes the procedure by sucking out the liquefied fat cells from the body.

As a result of the burned-away fat, the skin contracts to acquire a firm and smooth feel and appearance. This is usually achieved within one to two weeks after the treatment. Some areas of the body, however, such as the neck and jaw, may show even faster results. Moreover, Lipotherme™ is considered a one-time treatment, since fat cells do not reoccur in the areas from which they have been eliminated.

Lipotherme™ is not recommended for women who are pregnant, and people who are taking medication should notify their doctors prior to undergoing the procedure. Strenuous activity such as exercising is prohibited for several days after Lipotherme™. In some instances, the doctor may not be satisfied with the results of the operation and might recommend a touch-up treatment.

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