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What is Lengthening Mascara?

B. Miller
B. Miller

Lengthening mascara is a type of cosmetic product designed to make the eyelashes look darker and longer. In most cases, lengthening mascara simply coats the lashes to give them a longer appearance, but does not actually encourage lash growth. Some types of mascara, however, include conditioners and treatment products that promise to make the eyelashes actually grow longer, with a thicker lash line.

These products are largely unproven, and some require a prescription from a dermatologist in order to use them. Others may be purchased in a drugstore. In general, however, lash lengthening mascara is simply applied to the lashes to make them look longer; when removed at the end of the day and the lashes are back to their normal state. Lengthening mascara is available in different colors; these are most commonly shades of black and brown, ranging from very dark to a lighter, more natural color. Mascara is also available in dark jewel tones as well.

A woman applying lengthening mascara to her eyelashes.
A woman applying lengthening mascara to her eyelashes.

Mascara may come in waterproof or regular versions. Waterproof mascara is a good choice for days when one might be sweating a lot, or when one might be crying, such as at a wedding. Waterproof lengthening mascara will generally hold up better and last longer than a non-waterproof mascara. It must be removed with makeup remover, however, as regular face wash and water will not take it off. Be gentle when using makeup remover. Apply the remover to a makeup sponge or cotton ball and gently sweep it across the eyes, but never rub or pull on the eyes.

Mascara is a makeup that is applied to the eyelashes.
Mascara is a makeup that is applied to the eyelashes.

For people with sensitive eyes, or who are prone to allergic reactions, there are other types of lengthening mascara available as well. Natural or organic mascaras are made with natural ingredients, which may be a good choice for people who are sensitive to certain ingredients, or who are passionate about buying eco-friendly products. Those who are allergic will want to be sure to purchase mascara marked "hypoallergenic," which is tested by a dermatologist. Natural or organic mascaras are not necessarily hypoallergenic.

Lengthening mascara is not the only way to make the eyelashes look longer. Many women also choose to use an eyelash curler, which curls the eyelashes up and away from the eyes, which can make the eyes look brighter and more open. Applying mascara after curling the eyelashes can give a very dramatic effect, and can make eyelashes look very long and dark.

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Discussion Comments


I've been using the best lengthening mascara, and it has made such a difference in my appearance. I used to wear light makeup, and it almost looked like I wasn't wearing any. When I wear the lengthening mascara, I look like I am ready for a photo shoot!

It makes me feel glamorous. It's great to feel this way, even when I'm just going to the grocery store. It really improves my confidence level.

I have big eyes, so they are noticeable anyway. I don't wear eyeliner, because this makes me look a little bit like a raccoon. However, the mascara only does good things for my eyes.


@JackWhack – A good lengthening mascara will definitely make your eyes pop, in a good way. In my experience, it is best to apply it before you put on any of your other makeup, even your foundation or powder.

This is because it is easy to get the mascara on your face and lids while applying it. If you have spots of mascara dotted here and there on your skin, you are going to have to wipe it off with makeup remover and a cloth. That would mean you would need to reapply any makeup that the mascara came in contact with, so it's best to wait.


Is it best to use lengthening mascara before or after you have applied your eyeshadow and eyeliner? I've just been wearing eyeshadow without mascara, but I feel like it would enhance my look, so I am wanting to try a lengthening mascara. However, I have no clue about the best way to apply it.


I've always had really long lashes, so I've never needed to add volume with mascara. However, many of my friends have short or thin lashes, and their favorite cosmetic is lengthening mascara.

My best friend never leaves the house without applying it. She said that even if she isn't wearing lipstick or foundation, she still feels presentable if she has mascara on. She thinks that thick, long lashes instantly make a girl more beautiful.

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    • A woman applying lengthening mascara to her eyelashes.
      By: haveseen
      A woman applying lengthening mascara to her eyelashes.
    • Mascara is a makeup that is applied to the eyelashes.
      By: Africa Studio
      Mascara is a makeup that is applied to the eyelashes.