What is LaStone® Therapy?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky
Woman doing yoga
Woman doing yoga

LaStone® Therapy is more than a simple massage. It is said to soothe the body, mind, and soul by incorporating a more spiritual aspect with the other elements of the treatment. LaStone® Therapy should not be confused with typical hot stone massage, which is a more generic treatment used by many spas and massage therapists. It is a trademarked name and a person must be certified in order to perform authentic LaStone® Therapy.

LaStone® Therapy may also be referred to as “Geo-Thermo-Therapy.” It has become increasingly popular in the U.S. as well as internationally. The treatment uses both heated and cooled stones along with massage techniques. Such treatment is intended to give a person a sense of overall well-being.

By alternating the use of hot and cold stones, this treatment is capable of producing both sedative and stimulating effects. This is said to augment the flow of fluids in the body, which may create a detoxifying effect while also soothing sore, tired muscles. Some believe that LaStone® Therapy can actually aid in the healing of not only chronic pain but other health problems as well.

An interesting facet of LaStone® Therapy is that it is said to be as beneficial for the therapist as it is for the person receiving the treatment. Many massage therapists complain of aches and pains of their own caused by the strain of repeatedly applying massage techniques. This is especially true of those whom perform deep tissue massage.

Hand, wrist, and arm muscles can become cramped, stiff, and sore. With LaStone® Therapy techniques, the work is not as hard on the therapist. He or she may be able to work longer without suffering from discomfort or injury.

When receiving a LaStone® Therapy treatment, the recipient will first be assisted in relaxing. Stretching and massaging the muscles to loosen them up is the first step. Warmed stones will then be applied, generally with some sort of fabric between the skin and the stone to avoid overheating the skin and to keep the treatment relaxing.

Different sizes of hot and cooled stones are then placed on various parts of the body or “energy channels” such as inside the hands and in between the toes. These stones are also used in the massage process itself. This is one of the ways LaStone® Therapy helps relieve stress on the therapist, by allowing the stones to penetrate rather than the therapist having to apply more pressure.

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    • Woman doing yoga
      Woman doing yoga