What is Kundalini Yoga?

Garry Crystal

Kundalini yoga is a form of exercise and meditation that promotes mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. Kundalini has been used for over 5,000 years. The word Kundalini means “the curl of the lock of the hair of the beloved”. The term is used as a metaphor to describe the energy and consciousness that flows through everyone.

Kundalini yoga is said to bring about inner peace and self-confidence.
Kundalini yoga is said to bring about inner peace and self-confidence.

Kundalini can be described as a science using exercises such as breathing, sound, postures and meditation. The intended result is the achievement of your highest form of consciousness. The yoga used during the sessions is called the yoga of awareness.

Yoga is an excellent physical workout for the whole body. People who practice yoga have been able to heal themselves of pain. It has been a way for many people to eradicate the pain from mental illness, physical conditions and abusive problems such as drug and alcohol addiction. Yoga exercise keeps the body in shape, increases vitality and strengthens the nervous and glandular systems.

Kundalini is also a way of developing the mind. The breathing exercises, known as pranyam, combined with meditation, aid in relaxation. They are said to bring about an inner peace and to promote self-confidence.

Each Kundalini class begins by repeating the mantra Ong Nam Guru Dev Namo. The purpose of this mantra is to calm the mind and make it more open to guidance. Reciting the mantra is known as tuning in. Mantra consists of sounds and words that control the mind. The sound used is a form of energy that can have an affect on the human psyche.

The yoga used in Kundalini classes or at home is the yoga of angles and triangles. The postures used, when combined with breathing techniques and mantras, bring about a rapid affect. The postures allow the glands to secrete, and circulation becomes more effective. The goal is a well-balanced glandular system, which also brings about emotional stability.

Mudras are also used in Kundalini yoga. Ancient yogis identified the connection between the hands and different parts of the body. Certain areas of the hands are associated with different behaviors or emotions. By curling or stretching the fingers in specific ways, communication with the body and mind is achieved.

Practitioners of Kundalini yoga have said that it can be a life-changing experience. The benefits to both body and mind are very rapid. Practitioners become more intuitive, sensitive and supple fairly quickly.

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