What is Knowledge Software?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
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Software engineer.

Knowledge software is software that allows companies to provide information to customers, clients or other parties. The information provided is usually presented in a very orderly fashion so that it is easily accessible to whoever wants to view it. Usually, it is used as a self-service customer service option, a virtual help desk, or a way in which to categorize and maintain documents and files that are available for download.

Companies may invest in knowledge software for any number of reasons. Generally, it increases customer satisfaction by providing quick and easy solutions for clients who have Internet access and who want answers to very simple questions. For example, knowledge software can host Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and customers may refer to these FAQs instead of calling company help lines and possibly being deterred from possible sales.

A knowledge base can also help company employees perform their jobs quickly and effectively. Support teams may have access to knowledge bases and can pull up documents when a customer calls for support and requires one-on-one interaction. Knowledge software can provide company policies, training manuals, records or anything else to an employee with a few clicks of a button.

Businesses that may especially benefit from using knowledge software on their website are those that are devoted to technology. Customers may be more apt to refer to a knowledge base than to call a technical support team. Businesses can also dramatically decrease their monthly phone bills by anticipating the most frequently asked questions and encountered problems and providing solutions to those issues using the knowledge software.

Knowledge software can be highly customizable. Companies can implement the software on their website and configure color schemes and options to reflect their brands and specific company information. They may also provide their knowledge base in a number of different languages or offer translation options.

Knowledge software usually comes with free trials so that businesses can experiment with the software before deciding if it is right for them. An additional benefit of using the software is that is can be used in more instances than just between business owner and customer. Business partners may share documents and keep apprised of their partners' business dealings simply by logging onto the website and accessing the files that have been provided in the knowledge base. Sharing documents in this way can keep businesses up-to-date in fast-paced industries or during important, shared business deals.

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