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What Is Japanese Hair Straightening?

Christina Edwards
Christina Edwards

Japanese hair straightening is also referred to as Japanese thermal reconditioning. It is one method used to permanently straighten a person's hair. This is a long process that usually requires special chemicals and repeated applications of heat. After the first few days, the hair usually requires little maintenance to remain straight. As new hair grows, however, many individuals may choose to have their roots touched up.

This method of hair straightening was developed in Japan during the late 1990s. Most other methods of hair straightening, like using a regular flat iron, are usually temporary. Japanese hair straightening, on the other hand, is considered permanent.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Japanese hair straightening procedures are usually quite expensive. Most salons will charge around $100 US Dollars (USD) per hour for this procedure. Depending on the length of a person's hair, it can take up to six or eight hours to complete. Obviously, people with long or thick hair will usually pay more.

Before a Japanese hair straightening procedure, a client's hair is usually washed, and a deep conditioner is used. This helps protect the hair against the chemicals and the heat. Special chemicals are then applied to the hair, and small sections of the hair are flat ironed one at a time. These steps are then repeated until the hair is completely straight and smooth.

After a Japanese hair straightening procedure, clients are usually instructed to leave their hair alone. The hair should not be washed, and it should not get wet. Using hair accessories, like elastic band and clips, should also be avoided. These can cause unwanted kinks in the hair.

Hair straightened using a Japanese hair straightening procedure can usually be treated like any other hair after the first few days. Since the process can cause dry brittle hair, however, special conditioners may be required. Hair should also be protected from the sun, so a hat or special sun block for the hair is usually recommended.

When new hair grows, it will be the same texture as the person's original hair. If they want their hair to remain straight, most people should get routine Japanese hair straightening touch ups periodically. For most people, this usually means that they will need to get their hair straightened every three to six months.

Japanese hair straightening can not be done on everyone's hair. Individuals with damaged hair should avoid this process. Hair that has been excessively treated with chemicals, including hair dyes and relaxers, should also not be treated.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip