What is Isokinetics?

Christine Hudson
Christine Hudson
Man lifting weights
Man lifting weights

Isokinetics are specific exercises done on machines that are specially designed to keep the speed of the movement the same rather than allow movements to slow down as an individual gets winded or tired. Often these are used as part of sports therapy or combined with an exercise routine. In therapy, these exercises help to measure the progress of the patient. This helps after an injury in which a muscle must be conditioned into its previous state. In regular exercise, this method of work out helps to increase strength in muscle groups.

A typical isokinetics machine keeps the speed of the movement the same while adjusting for resistance. Essentially, the machine will keep muscle groups moving at the same speed, no matter how much pressure is applied. The more pressure a person applies, the more resistance the machine will give back so that the movement speed does not increase. This is beneficial as long as the user is willing to apply full pressure for maximum benefit of training or re-training muscles.

Therapy machines are computer-based and can record the amount of force the patient uses. Home devices are generally cheaper and less sophisticated, using hydraulics, elastics, or a similar element. The point of this kind of exercise is to allow the person to achieve maximum muscle contraction while allowing full range of movement. Isokinetics are also known as accommodating resistance exercises to professionals.

Isokinetics are considered for challenging muscles to push farther and develop better endurance. The more force that is exerted by the user, the more resistance the machine will provide to keep its speed. If someone is willing to exert her full strength during training, isokinetic exercises can be beneficial. These are also regarded as a safe form of exercise by most because they allow a person to work a specific muscle group without straining, as the entire group is working at the same time.

Training with isokinetics is generally advised for many athletes, professional body builders, or physical therapy patients. Those who don’t fit into these categories may also wish to try isokinetics, and there are typically many at-home machines available on the market. It is usually recommended that a first-time user receive supervision or training from a professional to avoid any possible misuse or injury. Some machines come with instructional digital video disks (DVDs), which may be able to assist a person when getting started.

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    • Man lifting weights
      Man lifting weights