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What is Involved in Chain Link Fence Prices?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

To calculate chain link fence prices, one needs to consider how much fencing is needed — including how many fence posts will be installed — what gauge of steel will be used for the fencing, and whether the person purchasing the fencing will be installing the fence himself or hiring a professional to do the work. While chain link fence prices are generally lower than many other types of fences, the price will rise with the amount of features the fence will have, such as gates, enclosures, privacy slats, colored coatings, and so on. Taller fences will be more expensive than shorter fences.

The first consideration when calculating chain link fence prices is the gauge of steel that will be used, and the type of protection from corrosion being employed. The thicker the steel, the stronger the posts will be, and the more resistant to damage the chain links will be. Chain link fence prices will rise as the steel gets thicker, but the costs over time will be less with thicker gauge steel. Not all steel is the same, either; a chain link fence should be made from galvanized steel rather than plain steel. Galvanized steel is essentially regular steel coated with a chemical that protects the metal from rust. Most galvanized steel is coated with zinc, though aluminum may be used as well. The price will differ depending on the galvanization material used.

Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

The features of the fence will also determine chain link fence prices. A fence that features gates or enclosures will require more material, meaning the cost of the project will go up. High fences will need to be built with longer posts, which again translates into more material and higher cost. Fences like the ones common at baseball fields, where chain link fences are used as backstops, are specially designed and may require more installation time and resources. This will dictate the cost of the fence.

Additional features that accent the fence will also raise or lower chain link fence prices. Some fences are coated with a PVC material that can change the color of the fence to meet an aesthetic expectation and add to the fence's corrosion resistance. Such fences are generally more expensive than plain galvanized steel fencing. Other features, such as barbed wire and privacy slats, will raise the price of the overall project. One last element of construction that can dictate chain link fence prices is the hardware used to connect the chain links to the posts, and to stretch the chain links. These items should also be made from galvanized steel, though other, less expensive materials are available.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass