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What Is Insurance Transcription?

K.C. Bruning
K.C. Bruning

Insurance transcription is the act of transcribing audio content that is gathered for insurance records. It can be used to capture content from things such as interviews, telephone conversations, and meetings. Often this service is provided by an outside contractor.

There are several different kinds of audio that can be transcribed for insurance investigations. These include interviews with individuals involved in the claim, professionals such as people in the medical and legal field, and other kinds of experts. It may also include conversations with witnesses or people acquainted with the individuals involved in a claim.

A person transcribing.
A person transcribing.

Different kinds of content that may be recorded with insurance transcription include notes from field, fraud, and medical investigations. It may include notes from meetings related to the claim as well. Transcription can also be used to record dictation from insurance professionals who are working on the case.

There are two primary kinds of insurance transcription. The most comprehensive kind is meant to capture all sounds from an audio file. Another less specific kind of transcription simply captures the words and does not describe anything further.

More comprehensive insurance transcription typically includes indication of pauses and utterances of “um” or other similar sounds that the people in the conversation make. The intent is not only to record what was said, but how the participants said it, so that it is possible for the listener to determine shades of meaning. This kind of transcription is usually used for investigations, such as for fraud. Insurance transcription that only records words is typically used for reports, dictation, and other similar types of record-keeping and analysis.

A typical transcription company will charge per minute of audio. Some of the formats which a service may accept include file transfer protocol (FTP) upload of digital files and dial-in dictation services. Prices for transcription may vary according to the quality and complexity of the audio file. Variables such as the number of speakers, background noise, and other elements that affect sound quality can change the rate per minute.

Companies that provide insurance transcription usually offer several other similar services. These can include transcriptions for different kinds of events, such as focus groups, lectures, and legal proceedings. Often companies will specialize in a certain type of transcription, such as meetings or interviews, though this does not necessarily mean they do not offer other kinds of services. The typical process for most companies is that the client submits the audio file and the transcript is then completed with a fast turnaround, usually within a couple of days.

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    • A person transcribing.
      By: strixcode
      A person transcribing.