What Is Hydraulic Mineral Oil?

B. Turner
B. Turner
Oil refineries produce hydraulic mineral oil.
Oil refineries produce hydraulic mineral oil.

Hydraulic mineral oil is a type of industrial fluid used in a wide variety of engines and mechanical systems. It is a petroleum by-product, and is produced in oil refineries. This product is used to facilitate the operation of automobile systems, hydraulic systems, and large mechanical and industrial equipment. It comes in several different grades, which are suited for specific functions, as well as countless formulas and brands.

In cars, hydraulic mineral oil is primarily used within the vehicle's braking systems. It is used in the same way on bikes and even on airplanes. Hydraulic mineral oil is also critical to the operation of excavators, cranes and other construction equipment. It is used to operate pumps and drills found in the mining industry, and may be used in other types of pistons, engines, and machinery.

Hydraulic mineral oil offers many natural advantages. It is very dense, and does not absorb water. Its density also makes it difficult to compress, which means this oil can be used to transfer force or energy within a hydraulic system. Hydraulic mineral oil also offers natural anti-corrosive properties, and can be used in complex machinery and equipment with little risk of rust or corrosion. It is relatively free of impurities, and leaves behind few deposits or contaminants.

This product comes in many different forms and varieties, which differ largely in how they are processed or refined. Low grades of hydraulic mineral oil come from early stages of the refinement process, and generally cost less than higher grades that have been more thoroughly refined. Different types of hydraulic oil are also distinguished by their compressibility. In high pressure systems, specialty oils may be required in order to successfully transfer power or energy. Some hydraulic mineral oils contain special additives, which make them better suited to extreme pressure or extreme temperature applications.

Generally, the easiest way to choose between different types of hydraulic oil is to consult the manufacturer's recommendations for the equipment or machinery in question. Most owner's manuals or instruction books specify the best type of hydraulic oil to maximize performance. In certain areas, environmental codes can also impact the hydraulic mineral oil buying process. Some statutes limit the types of impurities or additives that can be added to this product, which others areas have few restrictions. Many oil manufacturers create their own unique blends of mineral oil, then sell these trademarked formulas under patented brand names.

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    • Oil refineries produce hydraulic mineral oil.
      By: Tomas Sereda
      Oil refineries produce hydraulic mineral oil.