What is Health Rehabilitation?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Physical rehabilitation is a kind of health rehabilitation.
Physical rehabilitation is a kind of health rehabilitation.

Health rehabilitation, or rehab, involves any form of therapy, either physical or emotional, that is intended to restore functionality and optimal health to the patient. A patient who is afflicted with a physical injury may undergo physical health rehabilitation to restore use and mobility of the injured body part and promote healing. Drug rehabilitation is intended to help the individual overcome his addiction and stay free of drug use for a lifetime.

Physical rehabilitation is a form of health rehabilitation that typically incorporates an intensive exercise program with strength or resistance training. A health rehabilitation clinic generally features exercise rooms that resemble a gym or fitness center. There may be equipment such as treadmills, stair climbers, and various cardio machines. Other equipment designed for therapy and rehab include walkers and lifts for chairs, as well as motorized scooters for added mobility.

Patients who have suffered injuries or are recovering from surgery may require therapy at a rehabilitation center. Patients may receive individualized programs that incorporate a series of exercises, such as isometric and strength exercises to improve joints, muscles, and tendons. There may be specialized programs for seniors and children.

Many amputee patients and those individuals who have received a prosthetic limb find it beneficial to receive therapy and health rehabilitation to regain confidence and readjust to every day life. A therapist can aid in helping the patient find acceptable ways to improve his quality of life. The trained counselor can help by teaching alternative ways to accomplish daily tasks.

Another form of health rehabilitation would be drug and alcohol rehab. In a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program, the patient receives personalized attention and therapy designed to help him achieve his goals. A patient generally undergoes an evaluation to determine his needs and requirements, as well as whatever special problems and obstacles he is trying to overcome. A councselor or therapist as well as a physician will typically work together with the patient in treating the problems associated with the condition.

Health rehabilitation for recovering substance abuse patients will typically involve psychiatric evaluation. Generally, the patient will undergo a detoxification period as he attempts to withdraw from the substance or substances with which he has a problem. This form of health therapy may be done on an outpatient basis, or through hospitalization. Many rehab centers offer the option of live-in treatment for the duration of rehabilitation. Choosing the best method or option typically depends on the situation.

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    • Physical rehabilitation is a kind of health rehabilitation.
      By: Tyler Olson
      Physical rehabilitation is a kind of health rehabilitation.