What is GPS Child Tracking?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

GPS child tracking is the strategy of using modern global location devices to keep track of children when they are not within visual range of parents or caregivers. Using the satellite technology that is common to all types of global positioning systems, it is possible to place a tracking device in the pocket of the child and use the Internet or cellular phone connections to identify the current location of the child. While a GPS child locator is somewhat expensive, the devices provide parents with a great deal of peace of mind, especially in situations where a young child wanders away while the parent is distracted.

Two young boys
Two young boys

GPS child locators operate in a very simplistic manner. The device placed on the child functions as a sending device that feeds a signal to the receiving device that remains with the parent. The signal is often transmitted through a satellite and then is forward to the point of reception. At the receiving end, the GPS child tracking data can be accessed using a desktop computer, a laptop, or even a hand held device that is configured to allow Internet access. The GPS tracker provides real-time information about the location of the child, including data that can help the parent identify the most direct way to reach the child.

Along with allowing parents to maintain a fix on a child’s location, GPS child trackers also can allow the parent to remotely monitor body temperature and heart rate. This can provide the parent with information that indicates whether the child is currently in some type of distress or has simply wandered away and lost track of the time. The latest generation of GPS child tracking devices also include a help button on the sending device, allowing the child to signal the parent that he or she is in distress. Some models also allow children to send a call for help using the 911 system.

GPS child tracking makes it possible to quickly locate a child who has spotted something of interest and silently moved away from a parent’s watchful eye. By activating the GPS tracker, the anxious parent can immediately lock in on the location of the errant child, determine if body signs indicate some type of distress, and quickly use the directions provided to locate and recover the child. While GPS child tracking is extremely helpful when in a public place with a child, the device should not be seen as a substitute for keeping a watchful eye on the child at all times.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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Tracking System technology has been very effective at improving fleet management, teen driving and auto safety. If the same GPS technology can increase child safety then that is truly a good thing

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