What Is Goat's Milk Yogurt?

Jillian O Keeffe

Yogurt is a thick and creamy product most commonly made from cow's milk, but milk from goats can also be turned into the creamy treat. Goat's milk yogurt contains the same type of fermentation bacteria as cow's milk yogurt, and the finished product has a similar texture and taste. Some people who are intolerant of cow's milk are able to eat goat's milk yogurt with no issues despite the fact that goat's milk contains lactose, a common allergen.

Man making goat's milk yogurt.
Man making goat's milk yogurt.

Goat's milk is sweeter and saltier to taste than cow's milk. This extra sweetness means that goat's milk yogurt often does not need to have sugars added to it to achieve the desirable yogurt sweetness. The milk also contains more water and so may need to be concentrated prior to making yogurt from it.

Fermenting goat's milk in a yogurt maker.
Fermenting goat's milk in a yogurt maker.

The fats naturally present in the milk do not rise to the top of the liquid like the cream in cow's milk does. Instead, the fat remains distributed through the liquid milk. Goat's milk is fattier than cow's milk, but it contains about the same amount of calcium and calories.

Goat's milk yogurt.
Goat's milk yogurt.

Typical fermentation bacteria that goat's milk producers add in order to make yogurt are similar to those used in common cow's milk. Lactobacillus bulgaricus, L. acidophilus, and Streptococcus thermophilus are some of the fermenters. These bacteria break down the components of the milk to form the yogurt's texture and flavor. Substances such as pectin or tapioca may be added to boost the thickness of the yogurt.

Some people who are intolerant of cow's milk can eat goat's milk yogurt without issue.
Some people who are intolerant of cow's milk can eat goat's milk yogurt without issue.

Many flavors of goat's milk yogurts are available on the market. Some yogurts have no sugars added, but some contain extra sugars, such as honey, for flavor. Fruits can also form part of a yogurt product, as can flavorings like vanilla. Goat's milk yogurt can also be live, which means that it contains high levels of live bacteria in the finished product.

Although goats have been domesticated for about 10,000 years, according to the American Dairy Goat Association, in the Western world, cow's milk is much more commonly available. As well as yogurt, goat's milk can make cheese and ice creams in the same manner as cow's milk products. An advantage to goat's milk and its yogurt product is that it can be more easily metabolized by some people who suffer health issues when they drink cow's milk. This may be due to certain proteins in cow's milk being less common in goat's milk. Lactose, a significant allergen in cow's milk, is, however, still present in goat's milk.

Some people who are allergic to lactose find it easier to digest yogurt that is made using goat's milk.
Some people who are allergic to lactose find it easier to digest yogurt that is made using goat's milk.

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Discussion Comments

Where do you buy yogurt made with goat's milk? I have never seen it before, but have really never been looking for it either.

We just found out my daughter is allergic to milk products, so I have been looking for other alternatives for her. She is kind of picky though, and I don't know if she would try it if she knew it was made with goat's milk.

There is a small country dairy about 30 miles from us that makes their own milk, yogurt, and ice cream. I wonder if this would be a good place to start looking.


When I found out I was lactose intolerant I had to start looking for some alternatives. I have always loved dairy products, so this was not an easy thing for me to do.

When someone recommended I try some yogurt made with goat's milk, I was hesitant because I knew it contained lactose. I was really surprised to find out this didn't bother my stomach like regular yogurt did.

It also contains the probiotics which are helpful with my digestion. I wish it was easier to find products that use goat's milk. Yogurt is one of those things I miss eating on a regular basis, and if I saw yogurt made with goat's milk on the shelf, I would buy enough to last me for a couple weeks at a time.


If you ever compare the taste of natural yogurt made with goat's milk vs cow's milk, you would definitely be able to tell a difference in the sweetness.

Because goat's milk is naturally sweeter, you really don't have to add any extra sweetener to it. I am not usually a big fan of plain yogurt, but have found plain goat's milk yogurt to be much sweeter.

This is not something I have ever seen in the stores where I live. The two times I tasted this was when I was visiting my aunt and uncle who live on the farm. When my aunt makes this yogurt, she will usually add some tapioca to give it a thicker texture.


I have a cousin who raises goats and they use goat's milk for drinking and they also make cheese, yogurt and ice cream with it.

I have tasted some of these products and have not been able to tell a difference in the taste. Some people have a problem when they hear they are made with goat's milk, but this has never been an issue for me.

I think it would be a lot of work to get all of your milk this way, but they live out in the country and grow a lot of their own food. I happened to be there one day when they were making a big batch of yogurt from their goat's milk.

We added some strawberries to this yogurt, and I really thought it tasted pretty good. I still wouldn't want to do this every time I wanted some yogurt, but I can see why they like the taste of it.

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