What is Freezing Spray?

Diane Goettel

Freezing spray is a hair product that is used in dramatic hairstyles to ensure that the hair, even when style in wild swoops, curls, or spikes, stays in place. It is used for hairstyles of all lengths. Freezing spray may be used on very short hair that needs long-lasting volume. It may also be used on longer hairstyles to maintain the shape of updos.

A can of aerosol freezing spray.
A can of aerosol freezing spray.

Modern, edgy hairstyles often rely on the use of freezing spray which helps to maintain the integrity of parallel lines and unnatural angles shaped into the hair by the stylist. Hairstyles that are meant to stand up to hot, wet, or humid weather often benefit from the protection of this kind of hair product as the spray helps to keep hair in place even in climates with this type of weather. Freezing spray is not often used in more natural, flowing hairstyles because these styles rely on a kind of movement that it works against.

There are a number of ways in which this kind of hair product can be used. It can be used during the styling process or at the end as a finisher. Using the product during the styling process can help to keep all of the hair firm and in place. This is because the product will be brushed or combed through the hair while the style is being created. It may also be used at the very end of the styling process in order to give an all-over hold.

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One of the drawbacks of using freezing spray is that if too much of the product is used it can cause the hair to feel very stiff, even a bit crunchy to the touch. For short or spiky hairstyles this may not be a problem, and may even be the desired effect. For longer hairstyles, this may be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

It is also important to note that, if a large quantity of this kind of spray is used on the hair, washing the hair later on will take more effort than usual. In fact, it may take multiple shampoos to remove all of the product from the hair. People who use large quantities of freezing spray on a regular basis may need to use a stronger than average shampoo to make sure that the product does not build up in their hair over time. Such buildup can leave the hair looking dull and dirty.

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