What is Event Planner Software?

Mary McMahon

Event planner software is a software product which is designed to assist people with event planning. It can be used by professional event planners and there are also personal use versions available for people who want to use software in their private event planning. This specialty software product can be expensive, especially if it comes with a number of specialized features, and when purchasing it, people should ask about what the license covers. For example, some programs can be installed on multiple computers which will synch with each other, while in other cases the license covers only one computer.

Event planner software can help with scheduling and budgeting related to planning a wedding.
Event planner software can help with scheduling and budgeting related to planning a wedding.

Planning an event requires a large amount of organizing. Event planner software is used to manage the details of the event. These details include everything from the contact information of all people involved to reminders which send out alerts when a specific action, such as sending in a deposit, needs to be taken. An event planner may find using such software more convenient than trying to adapt basic software programs for event planning uses.

The software usually allows for multiple events to be planned at a time. Using event planner software people can put together a task calendar, make notes on all the vendors involved, save copies of contracts, log meetings and phone calls, and make other notes relevant to the event planning. The ability to synch can be very important as well. Using synching software, an event planner can take a laptop to a meeting to take notes, and synch the laptop with a desktop in the office.

This software is designed to streamline the organizing aspect of event planning so that the event planner can focus on the bigger picture. Event planner software is also useful for preventing slipups and accidents which might ruin a big day. For example, the software may have automatically generated checklists for different types of events which are used to make sure that the basics such as venue, catering, equipment, and so forth are covered and the event planner doesn't forget to order the wedding cake.

Event planner software can come with a range of features. When buying specialty software products, it helps to sit down and think about a list of the desired functionalities of the software. For example, an event planner may want software which can generate invitations, print out boilerplate contracts, and generate other documents. Likewise, event planners might like features like automatic email reminders sent to vendors and participants, space for storing photographs of venues, and so forth. Event planners should think about the way they accomplish organizing currently to make sure that the services they know they need will be provided.

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