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What is Employee Performance Management Software?

Nadia Miller
Nadia Miller

Employee performance management software is a computer-based tool that is used to track employee reviews and other elements of overall employee performance. Most basic performance management tools allow a user to scan and upload paper-based employee performance reviews, thereby serving as a paperless office solution. As a rule, the simpler the software is, the less functionality it will have. The most complex performance management tools are usually integrated into a more robust human capital management application. In other cases, the employee performance management software is a stand-alone application.

There is a wide variety of employee performance management software, as well as numerous uses. On the low end, it serves as a way to keep track of an employee's performance history in a method that can eliminate the need for paper files. As the human resource needs of a business increase, these tools can provide employers and managers more control and visibility to the performance of their employees. These systems can analyze data from reviews, become the system of record where performance reviews are kept, and serve as tools in the progression of an employee's career within an organization.

Employee performance management software is a stand-alone application.
Employee performance management software is a stand-alone application.

Performance management processes are increasingly important in the technology age. Companies have become spread out and telecommuting has increased in popularity. The ability to track an employee's performance online can make it easier for remote managers to evaluate their talent pool and better understand their human capital needs.

Advanced employee performance management software typically provides users a way to help an organization promote and nurture the talent it has rather than having to look to fill higher-level positions from outside the organization. An advanced application can pull data from the online employee files and help determine a person's career path. The integration between all levels of employee files could help a company better manage its employees.

Business performance management software can also help an employee take ownership and responsibility for his or her performance and career path. Most of the time, employees can peruse their reviews online. This information can help them to track their history and to see the areas where they need improvement. With this knowledge, an employee typically can see what his or her next step with an organization may be or what type of training might be needed for advancement. Many companies want to empower their employees through the use of these kinds of self-service applications.

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    • Employee performance management software is a stand-alone application.
      By: Gandolfo Cannatella
      Employee performance management software is a stand-alone application.