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What Is Elastic Training?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Elastic training is a type of strength training routine that uses elastic resistance bands. These bands can be secured around solid objects as well as around the limbs of the body to provide resistance to the muscles. The thickness of the resistance band will determine how difficult it will be to pull on it, and thicker bands are equivalent to heavier free weights. Elastic training is useful not only for strength training, but also for mobility training and flexibility. While the bands do not offer resistance as consistent as free weights, they are safe, easy to use, and compact.

The resistance bands provide muscular resistance during elastic training to help build muscle and improve mobility. Such resistance can be accomplished by securing one end of the band around a solid object and holding the other end, or by using various parts of the body to secure either end of the band. When securing one end around a solid object, the other end will generally be pulled by a limb of the body; some elastic training bands feature padded handles for ease of use and additional comfort. The handle can also be used to help secure the band around an object.

Woman exercising
Woman exercising

Stacking bands together can increase the amount of resistance one will work against during an elastic training workout. This is convenient because even the thickest available band may not offer enough resistance for some users. When the bands are combined, the resistance level goes up, increasing the difficulty of the workout. One of the biggest advantages of an elastic training workout is the portability of the bands. A person can pack several bands in a suitcase for use in a hotel, or the bands can be stored at home in a drawer or other out-of-the way place.

The inconsistency of the resistance offered by the band is a distinct drawback. The elasticity means the resistance level may fluctuate, especially given the length with which the band is pulled. The bands can also stretch slightly over time, meaning the resistance level can fluctuate again. This is usually not too important of an issue for many users, since more serious weight trainers often opt for free weights instead. The bands are great for people who are interested in reducing the risk of injury during a workout and getting a safe, easy resistance workout to improve mobility and strength.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising