What Is Dry Mouth Toothpaste?

T. M. Robertson

Dry mouth toothpaste is specially formulated for individuals experiencing discomforts associated with having a chronically dry mouth. Common symptoms of a dry mouth are soreness, irritation, pain, cracking, and bad breath. While the best way to permanently treat dry mouth is to fix the underlying condition causing it, using dry mouth toothpaste may immediately reduce the symptoms while the overall condition is being addressed. Causes of dry mouth range from various internal medical conditions and diseases to side effects from medications and improper dental care. Dry mouth toothpastes come in several formulas, targeting conditions such as sensitive teeth and plaque removal, and also come in different textures, such as pastes and gels.

A toothbrush with a toothpaste for dry mouth on it.
A toothbrush with a toothpaste for dry mouth on it.

For the most part, having a dry mouth is a symptom of an underlying cause. Those with diseases such as diabetes or Sjögren's syndrome often suffer from having a dry mouth. Other possible culprits can be medications that create a dry mouth as a side effect, or improper dental hygiene. Without a regular brushing and flossing routine, overgrowth of bacteria could cause severe dry mouth. Those who successfully treat the underlying condition will only need to use dry mouth toothpaste as a temporary measure, but in severe cases, where the condition is permanent or ongoing, the toothpaste may need to become a part of a regular regimen.

A human mouth.
A human mouth.

Several different types of dry mouth toothpaste are available for purchase, each catering to particular tastes. Organic and natural varieties are available for health-conscious individuals looking for environmentally friendly options. Gentler varieties that include desensitizing agents are also available for those with sensitive teeth and gums. Since plaque is one of the first signs of having a dry mouth, some dry mouth toothpaste formulas specifically target plaque removal. While dry mouth toothpaste doesn't come in a variety of flavors like regular commercial brands, different textures such as pastes and gels are readily available.

Other products also can help enhance the benefits of using a dry mouth toothpaste. Artificial saliva products can be purchased over the counter as sprays and rinses. In addition, specially formulated mouthwashes and moisturizing gels are also available for regular use. For severe cases, physicians can prescribe medications such as Salagen® or Evoxac®, which help the body produce more saliva on its own. It's important for anyone suffering from a dry mouth condition to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and avoiding carbonated beverages.

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