What Is Dry Glue?

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Dry glue is a type of adhesive product that is formulated to provide a secure bond between different surfaces without any of the mess that is associated with the use of wet glues. The general concept of these types of glues is based on the ability of some types of gecko to easily adhere to a wide range of surfaces, including glass, without any danger of falling. The idea behind dry glue is to provide a means of creating a secure bond in situations where using some other form of glue or adhesive is not practical or desirable.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

The inspiration for dry glue comes from the qualities of the gecko foot, which allow the gecko to easily walk along a number of different surfaces at any angle, without slipping or falling. Over the years, research has developed dry adhesive products that could be sold as a dry powder or even infused on a tape of some type. One of the benefits of this dry glue tape is that it can be used to affix objects on surfaces for a period of time, then be removed with relative ease. Rather than simply tossing the tape away, it can actually be reused with no apparent decrease in efficiency.

Dry glue and adhesive can be used in a number of scenarios in which there is a need to securely adhere an object to a surface for a period of time, then remove the object at a later date. Unlike other types of glues, dry glue tends to leave very little in the way of residue, and can be cleaned off surfaces with relative ease. This makes the product ideal for use with a number of applications such as retail displays, art shows, and other situations in which some type of adhesive is desirable but wet glues would be considered inappropriate.

There are several manufacturers of dry glue products in operation around the world. While most focus on creating flue products for use in commercial and industrial settings, there are also some products designed for residential use. As with any type of glue product, taking the time to read the instructions for use, including how to break the bond when an object has to be moved at a later date, is very important. In order to assist customers, most manufacturers do maintain help lines that provide assistance when users have questions regarding specific use of the products in certain applications, or under specific weather conditions.

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