What is Document Assembly?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Document assembly is the process of creating electronic documents by utilizing segments of preexisting documents to compile or assemble a new document. This process may be managed manually, or utilize various types of software to automatically combine templates with data sources as the means of assembling the new document. This process can be successfully used with everything from the creation of a new contract to preparing letters for a new sales campaign.

Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

The actual process of document assembly involves the use of word processing software as the basic tool for creating the new document. In its simplest approach, this involves using a blank document as the starting point for the project. The compiler then opens other word processing documents that are already in storage, locating sections or segments that are relevant to the purpose of the new document. Tools included with the software product then allow the compiler to copy the desired text from the older documents and paste that same text onto the new document. The compiler can also add fresh text to help tie all the pasted segments into one coherent and logical flow of information, adjust font sizes, colors, and types to suit the purpose of the new document, then save and store the document until it is needed for distribution.

While the process of document assembly can be handled manually, it is also possible to use advanced software options to automatically retrieve data in storage and import it to the new document. For example, if a sales team wanted to prepare letters announcing the release of a new product to its existing client base, the body of the new letter template could be assembled by importing text from a sales brochure. Another document could supply the electronic copy of the company masthead. To finish the project, the document assembly software then accesses the sales database and imports the customer names and addresses to the proper fields on the new letter template. At that point, the letters can be printed or sent as emails to all customers.

One of the benefits of document assembly is that the approach can save a great deal of time. For example, preparing a large number of sales letters for distribution could take hours or even days, depending on the amount of letters that must be addressed and printed. Using software to handle the assembly process, what would otherwise be an all day project can be completed in two hours or less. From this perspective, document assembly helps to increase productivity, which ultimately allows the business to be more profitable.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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