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What is Custom Vinyl Lettering?

Meagan Michi
Meagan Michi

Custom vinyl lettering allows business and homeowners to decorate their storefronts, vehicles and homes with images, words and sayings that are made out of vinyl. The finished vinyl images have a backing that allows them to adhere to a variety of surfaces, including painted walls, windows and vehicles. Many people design their own images, while others prefer to have images designed for them by an expert. Creating vinyl lettering from scratch ensures that the customer gets exactly what he or she wants and needs without having to resort to ready-made examples that may not exactly convey the message he or she wants to send. Vinyl graphics are available in a countless number of colors, while the designs and sayings are limited only by the imagination of the creator.

Vinyl lettering is quite popular, especially in regard to home decor. Many people like to decorate with vinyl because it has a strong visual impact and helps create a home that matches the personality of the homeowner. Wall lettering is perhaps most popular and might include a quote, popular saying or a family's last name, for example. In fact, custom vinyl lettering is perfect for people who wish to customize their homes with graphics that are specific to them, such as names and initials. Detailed images are also quite popular in home decor; some examples include birds, trees, and children's themes.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Vinyl letters have long been used for retail and commercial purposes for signs, window decorations and vehicle lettering. Most vinyl sign makers that cater to businesses will do custom vinyl lettering because it allows customers to use their own images and business names to convey a strong message. Vinyl sign lettering can be used for a variety of purposes, but it usually serves the purpose of advertising, whether directly or in-directly. For example, vinyl sign lettering can be used to create sale advertisements or to draw attention to popular products that are contained within a store. Alternatively, vinyl graphics can be used on the windows and body of a car to increase awareness of a business.

As evidenced by the vast amount of ways that a person can use vinyl lettering, consumers will find that there are endless options when it comes to custom vinyl lettering. In addition to the wide array of colors that can be used, vinyl is also available in variety of thicknesses. Ultimately, the thickness that is used will depend on the way in which the vinyl graphics will be used. While lightweight vinyl is acceptable for wall lettering, a thicker vinyl is necessary for graphics that will be used on a vehicle or other situations wherein the graphics will be exposed to the elements.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing