What is Custom Resin?

N. Kalu
N. Kalu
Custom resin is frequently used to make trophies.
Custom resin is frequently used to make trophies.

Custom resin is specially designed by resin manufacturers for a specific purpose. It is mainly used by companies in the casting and molding industry and in the manufacturing industry. Resin is a naturally occurring organic substance that is secreted primarily from plants and trees that bear cones. It is highly viscous, meaning that it is thick and adhesive in the same way that molasses and honey are thick and adhesive. Custom resin then builds upon these properties, optimizing the material for use in a variety of environmental conditions.

Perhaps one of the most well-known custom resins is epoxy. Epoxy is a coating made from a chemical process that combines resin with a natural hardener. It typically is used as a strong coating, reliable adhesive or effective resin molding. Commercial uses for epoxy are very popular, particularly within the industrial marine sector. Building instruments and machines that are able to withstand the damage brought on by saltwater environments is critical to this industry. Epoxy is one of the best ways to protect these seafaring machines from the ocean's elements.

Resin manufactures will consult with the customer to inquire about the exact specifications for the custom resin. The resin is then made according to two important criteria. The manufacturer will either add substances to the liquid resin in order to alter its chemical makeup, or the manufacturer will build the resin from scratch through lab synthesis. These processes help to improve the custom resin, tailoring it to the customer's needs. Improvement includes many factors, such as increasing its resistance to fire or ensuring its ability to withstand fracture.

In the craft industry, custom resin is used to create resin plaques, commemorative figurines or product prototypes. Polyester resin, a synthetic substance, is often used in the case of casting. It hardens by the end of the process but tends to be more brittle than epoxy resin. Polyester resin or casting resin can be painted or significantly altered to resemble bronze, ivory, wood or many other materials. Castings can be painted to further transform the resin into a more aesthetically pleasing material complete with shiny, matte or opaque surfaces.

Custom resin is also extremely popular in trophy making. Resin trophies are characterized by their hardness and durability. Resin used to make these trophies can be molded and contoured to create the classic "old-world" look of many sports trophies and metals. This look is mainly achieved by adding a pewter or gold finish to the resin trophy.

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    • Custom resin is frequently used to make trophies.
      By: michaeljung
      Custom resin is frequently used to make trophies.