What is Craspedia?

Alex Paul
Alex Paul
Man mowing the grass
Man mowing the grass

Craspedia is a genus of plant that contains a variety of different daises. All species of Craspedia are originally from the continent of Australasia, and can be found in habitats ranging from forests to coastal regions. The vast majority of species contained within the genus are perennial, which means that they flower for more than one season, but there is one known exception that flowers for a single season only. In total, there are more than 20 different species, with the globular shape of the plants being a distinguishing feature. Other common names for the genus include Woolyheads and Billy Buttons.

Unlike some other plant genera, there is a large amount of variation between the different types of daisy. This variation can be seen in the size, flowers and leaves. The leaves of the plants vary from light to dark green, although nearly all species have a thin covering of hairs. Orange and white flowers are common.

One of the reasons why Craspedia is so widespread in Australia and New Zealand, is the plant’s ability to grow in a variety of conditions. Aside from being suitable in a number of habitats, the plants also flourish in several different types of soil. These include sand, clay and gravel soils. This has lead to the plants being present in all Australian states, with the only exception being the Northern Territory.

It is thought that some Craspedia species have adapted to cope with bush fires. In Australia, where many of the plants originate, fires are common, and leave a large amount of waste land behind. Non-native species, or plants that aren’t sufficiently adapted, sometimes struggle to grow after fires, but this isn’t a problem for this species.

The interesting, the globular shape of the plants, along with their bright colors, makes many species attractive. For this reason, the plants are commonly used in flower making arrangements. The plants are also known to last for a long time, which makes them popular amongst florists. They are used in gardens around the world and have been cultivated to grow in a number of countries. Gardeners in the US, for example, commonly use the plant as a perennial.

An example of a species is the Craspedia aurantia, also known as the Orange Billy Button. This particular species grows to a maximum of 24 inches (about 60 cm), and is attractive for its bright, orange flowers. The species, like most species in the genus, flowers during the summer.

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    • Man mowing the grass
      Man mowing the grass