What Is Courier Software?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Courier software is a software product for companies that offer courier delivery, to allow them to streamline the courier process and increase customer satisfaction. Numerous companies make software for courier companies, and it is also possible to order a custom program for a specific application. The cost for the software can vary. Large systems that integrate with mobile devices, desktop computers, websites, and so forth tend to be more expensive. The cost may also include a maintenance contract.

Woman doing a handstand with a computer
Woman doing a handstand with a computer

Internally, courier software can be useful for scheduling and tracking orders. The software may contain GPS to allow the company to track personnel and learn more about which routes are most efficient, so the company can encourage employees to take those routes for delivery. It can push updates to couriers in the field to direct them to new scheduled stops and pickups. The mobile devices can be used to scan packages, collect signatures, and gather financial information for cash on delivery packages.

Externally, courier software can improve customer service with an easily used interface. Customers may be able to log onto a website to request pickups and deliveries. They provide information about the package and may receive a printed label to apply if the courier companies uses a labeling system. The customer can also track the progress of a package. Shipment notifications go to recipients to allow them to monitor package progress with a unique identifying code.

Companies can operate more efficiently with courier software. Many programs interface with a dispatch computer that will schedule messengers in the most efficient way possible. The computer uses location information as well as historic records on traffic to decide where to route couriers for pickups and deliveries. It can also update in real time if a courier reports a delay or finishes early and needs a new assignment. This can expand the number of possible deliveries and will increase delivery speeds.

Manufacturers of courier software may provide demonstration and trial versions for prospective customers to evaluate before making a purchase. Customers may want to think about how they plan to use the software and should make sure their existing computer systems can support it, unless they plan to upgrade all their technology. It is also advisable to ask about ongoing support, maintenance, and updates. A company may sell a package at a low price but provide no assistance if customers get into trouble, and it could be more cost effective to buy more expensive software with a customer service contract.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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