What Is Cottage Cheese Cheesecake?

A.E. Freeman

Cottage cheese cheesecake is similar to a regular cheesecake, except that it uses cottage cheese instead of cream cheese as the primary ingredient. As cottage cheese usually has less fat and fewer calories than cream cheese, cheesecake made with it is usually considered a healthier option than regular cheesecake. Cottage cheese cheesecake is typically made in a pan with removable sides. It may or may not have a crust and toppings.

Eggs and cottage cheese are primary ingredients in cottage cheese cake.
Eggs and cottage cheese are primary ingredients in cottage cheese cake.

To make a cottage cheese cheesecake, a cook usually has to puree the cheese in a blender or food processor first. Cottage cheese usually has curds, unlike cream cheese, which is smooth. Blending the cheese gets rid of the chunky texture. Some cooks also add yogurt to the cottage cheese for additional smoothness and a tangy taste.

Eggs are a common ingredient in cottage cheese cheesecake. The number of eggs called for varies from recipe to recipe, though. If the eggs are allowed to come to room temperature before being added to the cake, it helps the final texture of the cheesecake.

A cook can add a number of toppings or extra ingredients to a cottage cheese cheesecake. Standard mix-ins include fresh or frozen fruit such as blueberries or blackberries. Instead of mixing the fruit into the cake batter, a cook may make a sauce out of the fruit and pour it over top of the cooked cake. Chocolate chips may be stirred into the batter instead of fruit for a sweeter cake.

Graham cracker crusts are a standard choice for cheesecake. Crusts made with pie dough are not commonly used. A cook may exchange graham cracker crumbs for cookie or shortbread crumbs. Another option is to omit the crust entirely.

Most types of cottage cheese cheesecakes are baked in a springform pan, which has sides that pop off of the pan. The removable sides make it easier to present the cake for serving. If a cook doesn't have a springform pan, she may use a standard round cake pan instead.

The cake is usually baked anywhere from half an hour to an hour, depending on the oven temperature. Some people find that cooking at a lower temperature prevents cracks from forming in the cake. A water bath usually isn't required with cottage cheese cheesecakes, although it typically is for other cheesecakes.

After baking, the cake should be allowed to cool. Many recipes call for chilling the cake for several hours and serving it cold. Some do suggest serving in hot, though.

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