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What is Core Ball Training?

Matthew F.
Matthew F.

Core ball training is a type of physical fitness routine that is done with an inflated ball, sometimes called a yoga ball or Pilates ball, and focuses on strengthening the muscles in the center of the body. These routines are among the best workouts for improving core strength, and the workout ball helps promote balance, stability, coordination, and muscle cooperation. Core ball training methods are used in gyms throughout the world and were popularized in the 1990s as a light fitness method enjoyed by many.

Training with a ball allows a person to work muscles using light weights or only body resistance. Each exercise during core ball training is done with part of the body balancing on the ball, and this allows the body to stabilize and work different muscles at different times. Core ball training methods force a person to work one muscle type, and use the other muscles to maintain balance during the workout.

Exercise ball routines help strengthen muscles.
Exercise ball routines help strengthen muscles.

Muscles often worked during core ball training include abdominals, back and hip muscles, leg muscles, and occasionally some upper body muscles. These are done with weights often no more than small dumbbells, and often can be completed in an entire routine of 30-60 minutes to get a full body workout. While not used for enhancing muscles, core ball training is popular with those wishing to tone muscles.

Workouts on the ball should be preceded by cardio or a stretching routine, and should be practiced before moving on to vigorous routines or heavy repetition sets. A variety of core ball training exercises can be done while balancing the middle of the body on the ball, around the rear or stomach. Back extensions are done with the body bent over the ball on the stomach, using the ball to lift the back into an extension.

Other exercises include the ball balance, which is done facing down with the ball under the stomach; in the push up position, the body is balanced with only the hands on the ground. Hip extensions can be done with only the feet on the ball, and butt lifts can be done with only the back and shoulders on the exercise ball. The ab roll can be done with the hands on the ball; the ball twist is done for the oblique muscles with only the feet rolling the ball back and forth. These exercises, combined with various others, provide core ball training, strengthening, and fitness routines.

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    • Exercise ball routines help strengthen muscles.
      By: mellsva
      Exercise ball routines help strengthen muscles.