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What Is Colored Hair Spray?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

Colored hair spray is a spray-on hair color that can be removed by shampooing. In most cases, people use colored hair spray when dressing up in costume for a party or event. Some may also use it to add a streak of color to their hair when going out to a club or dance party. After the event, an individual can wash the color out of his or her hair. While most colored hair spray typically is not used for daily hair coloring, some companies do make a spray-on product that can be used to fill in bald patches on a person's head.

There are many situations in which an individual may need to temporarily color his or her hair. While some people do not object to using a semi-permanent hair color that may last for a few days or weeks, others may not wish to change their hair color for any longer than they absolutely have to. This is often particularly true when a person must adopt a hair color that is not normally seen in nature, such as green or purple hair, as part of a costume for an event or some type of entertainment production. For these individuals, colored hair spray can be extremely helpful in achieving the look they need while not requiring them to wear an unusual hair color for an extended period of time. Another alternative is wearing a wig, though purchasing a wig is often expensive and wearing one can be hot and uncomfortable.

Colored hair spray.
Colored hair spray.

The hair spray is sold in a multitude of colors, allowing users to select the color or colors that they need to complement their costume or outfit. It is quite possible to use several shades of hair spray to create a multicolored effect. Many people find that colored hair spray is very useful at adding a streak of color to a person's hair, often creating a striking look.

Using colored hair spray can be tricky. Typically, an individual should style her hair prior to applying the hair spray, as the presence of the hairspray can make hair difficult to style. While colored hair spray is supposed to be a temporary color, some users report difficulty in washing the color out. This can be embarrassing for some users, particularly if the color is quite unusual. To prevent difficulty in colored hair spray removal, a user can first spray her styled hair with regular, clear hair spray and then follow up with the colored version. The regular hairspray forms a base on the hair that can make color removal easier.

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@fBoyle-- You never know if a product will wash out as it claims, so always do a test first.

Take a small piece of hair, preferably from the back of your head and try the colored hair spray on it. If it washes out nicely a few hours later, you can go ahead and use the hair spray. If it doesn't, buy a different one. Since the hair is from the back of your head, no one will see it.

It's a good idea to wash out colored hair spray as soon as an event is over. If you wait for days, you might get an odd tint to your hair. But it should eventually wash out. You might want to read some product reviews before you decide on a brand.


@fBoyle-- You can get a clean streak of color in only a segment of hair by using a shower cap. Buy a cheap one because you will need to make a cut into it. Simply pull out a segment of your hair through the cut, leaving everything else inside the cap. Color that segment with the hair spray.

I've used this trick for a few years now and it always comes out perfect. I like putting color in my hair for sports games and Halloween parties. It's fun.


How do I add a streak of color to my hair with color hair spray? Won't the color get on other parts of my hair in the process?

And what happens if the color doesn't wash off later or if it leaves a tint?

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    • Colored hair spray.
      By: Alexandr Makarov
      Colored hair spray.