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What is Clinical Trial Software?

Jessica Saras
Jessica Saras

Clinical trial software consists of different types of computer software used by physicians, and other medical professionals, to efficiently manage data collected during a clinical study. During a clinical trial, the physician carefully researches a particular condition, and then performs a variety of clinical tests, or trials, to determine more effective solutions for treating, diagnosing, and preventing the condition in question. Pharmaceutical companies may also perform clinical trials in order to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular drug.

Clinical trials rely on patient participation. In most cases, selected individuals are given a new treatment, such as mediation or therapy, for the condition in question. The participants’ progress, as well as his or her reaction to the treatment, is then analyzed to determine the outcome of the study. In order to select the best candidates for this type of research, factors such as age, medical history, gender, and weight are often used to determine a person’s eligibility. Due to the large amount of data managed during these types of studies, many researchers rely on clinical trial software to ensure the information is properly maintained at all stages of the study.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Similar to project management software, clinical trial programs compile all of the information gathered during a particular clinical trial, and help physicians manage every aspect of the research. From formulating ideal eligibility requirements to tracking enrollment and recording results, the software analyzes existing data to determine what actions are necessary, and then breaks them down into simple phases. During the recruitment phase, for example, clinical trial software compiles all of the data gathered from questionnaires, and then quickly performs a series of complex calculations to determine which patients should be selected for the study.

In addition to helping the physician stay on track in terms of scheduling and budgeting, clinical trial software also ensures all clinical studies comply with the healthcare guidelines in a particular region. Moreover, by managing all of the data obtained during a clinical trial, the software also allows users to spend more time researching, rather than organizing information.

Many of these software packages even provide online access to clinical data. This helps researchers to easily manage the entire project via a computer, rather than scheduling numerous meetings. Some programs even provide remote access to this information by allowing users to log into a secure account on the Internet.

Clinical trial software is an effective method of gathering, managing, and evaluating data collected during a clinical trial. Such programs help users stay on schedule, and in many cases, can even cut expenses by increasing productivity and eliminating paperwork.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer