What is Cleantech?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Cleantech, or clean tech, is short for the term clean technology. This type of technology focuses on elements that can help a company become more environmentally friendly or greener. Cleantech includes such varied factors as the development of alternatives to fossil fuels, advancements in information technology, and the development and implementation of various types of renewable energy. The focus of this green technology is to advance the cause of sustainable living and ease the drain on the world’s natural resources.

Solar panels are an example of cleantech.
Solar panels are an example of cleantech.

The concept of cleantech touches both the residential and the business sectors. With the home, cleantech promotes green living by encouraging the use of clean energy that is generated from renewable resources. One example would be the installation of solar panels and a solar battery system. This allows the home to function with little or no dependence on the traditional energy grid by harnessing the renewable resource of pure sunlight.

Becoming a green business also involves implementing some of the strategies inherent in the idea of cleantech. Along with making use of solar and wind energy to power factories or operate an office setting, an environmentally friendly business will also make use of the latest in information technology to decrease the reliance on paper to accomplish general clerical tasks. Using the latest in systems technologies also makes it possible to have access to more powerful networks that function with less energy consumption, substantially increasing the energy efficiency of the entire company.

As advances in cleantech continue to appear, the need for more venture capital to implement these innovations becomes necessary. In many industries, there is at least a core group of corporations willing to provide the capital needed to continue research into specific applications that will ultimately cut costs while also minimizing the use of limited natural resources. Individuals also benefit from these innovations, as products and services developed for business settings are adapted for use in the home.

While many believe that green living at home or in the workplace is an expensive option, that is no longer the case. As technology has continued to advance, it has been possible to greatly reduce the cost of purchasing and using environmentally friendly equipment, products, and strategies over the average cost of even ten years ago. This has made the idea of cleantech economically feasible for households and companies of all sizes. At present, one of the main impediments to the efficient use of cleantech appears to be the inability to entice consumers to explore the solid facts regarding the use of environmentally friendly goods and services.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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