What is Chocolate Lotion?

S. Gonzales

Chocolate lotion is a body lotion that either contains chocolate as an ingredient or includes fragrances that smell like chocolate. This type of lotion appeals to many people because it reminds the user of the experience of eating chocolate, and it also can serve as a minor tanning lotion. The ingredients in chocolate lotions can vary, but many of them contain natural and essential oils and vitamins. Chocolate lotions also can be created in a kitchen using few materials. Those who like chocolate lotions also can use chocolate body butter for its intensive moisturizing properties.

Chocolate lotions contain artificial scents, in most cases, and no real chocolate.
Chocolate lotions contain artificial scents, in most cases, and no real chocolate.

Chocolate lotion can appeal to chocolate lovers because they can have contact with chocolate without having to consume any of its calories. The fragrance of this lotion can remind them of their favorite dessert wherever they go. Its unique appeal makes it a favorite among those who like chocolate and those who are fans of beauty products that smell like food.

Chocolate lotion smells like chocolate and hydrates the skin.
Chocolate lotion smells like chocolate and hydrates the skin.

The ingredients of a chocolate lotion can vary across manufacturers. Generally, though, the lotion is non-greasy and can include essential or natural oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, shea butter and coconut oil. It also can contain high concentrations of skin-friendly vitamins such as A, B, D and E. These factors can all contribute to the moisturizing and care of the wearer's skin.

Some formulas of chocolate lotion can contain skin-darkening properties. Continued use of the lotion can result in a tanning effect. Those who use the lotion might return to it during the summer for this very reason.

Consumers are likely to find other chocolate-containing products where they can buy chocolate lotion. Retailers might sell chocolate lip balms, perfume sticks, perfume oils, body butter and more next to the lotion. Body butters can be thicker, more intense versions of lotions and can be used on parts of the body that need special attention regarding moisturizing. Consumers can choose to use body butters on their elbows, knees, feet or anywhere else where a lot of moisturizing is required.

People who don't want to spend money on chocolate lotions have the option of making them at home. To do this, a chocolate lotion maker will have to have access to a stove, pan and glass container. He or she also will need to gather cocoa butter, almond oil, chocolate-scented essential oil and brown food coloring. These ingredients, while few in number, can help a chocolate lotion maker create a lotion to his or her complete specification. Directions for making the lotion can be found using a simple online search.

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