What Is Chalkboard Spray Paint?

Cindy Quarters

Chalkboard spray paint is used by contractors or decorators to create a painted surface with many of the same attributes as a chalkboard. It typically comes in black or green and can be used on virtually any item or area that can be spray painted, including walls and plastic, or metal surfaces. When dry, chalkboard spray paint has an appearance similar to that of a schoolroom chalkboard but is not restricted as to size and shape.

A can of spray paint.
A can of spray paint.

Some of the characteristics of chalkboard spray paint include a flat, rather than glossy, appearance. It is also very tough and durable, and it dries quickly once applied. It can be washed or wiped clean easily with water, and can be used over and over again. A good-quality chalkboard spray paint will provide years of trouble-free usage under normal circumstances.

A chalk holder under a wall covered in chalkboard spray paint.
A chalk holder under a wall covered in chalkboard spray paint.

One popular use of chalkboard spray paint is the creation of a drawing area for children. Since it can be applied directly to the walls of a bedroom or playroom, the painted space can be as large or small as desired. The surface is clearly different from the other walls, so children quickly learn to draw only on the chalkboard areas and nowhere else. It is economical to use, since once it is applied it doesn’t require any upkeep except cleaning with a damp cloth. Having a chalkboard wall also allows children to draw and write as much as they like without the need for paper.

Other areas of the home can also benefit from the use of chalkboard spray paint. For example, it can be used to create a message area in the family room, kitchen or other common living area, large enough to be readily visible. Multi-colored chalk can allow each family member to have his or her own color, making it easy to tell who has written a note or reminder on the chalkboard wall.

Business owners also find that chalkboard spray paint is a useful tool. Restaurants in particular can easily create a spot where soup of the day or other specials can be listed. This helps to eliminate the need to put out a signboard that takes up space and may occasionally be bumped or tripped over by patrons and workers. In a meeting room or classroom it can also quickly create an inexpensive focal point anywhere in the room. For old or damaged chalkboards, chalkboard spray paint will quickly refurbish them and make them look and work like new.

Chalkboard spray paint may be used to create a surface with similar attributes to that of a chalkboard.
Chalkboard spray paint may be used to create a surface with similar attributes to that of a chalkboard.

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You can find this paint at places like Wal Mart, and also paint stores. It is usually in with the kids' room paints or with the specialty paints. If they don't happen to have the spray version you can almost always find it in quart cans. If you Google it you can also find web sites that sell it for a reasonable price. Good luck!


I like to watch The Big Bang Theory, and on that show the main characters are always writing ideas on big white boards, especially Sheldon and Leonard. I think it'd be cool if someone on that show had a wall or two in this paint, and then they could just go to town on notes and ideas. It would be really neat, even just as a background prop.


@Denha- I have a friend who got this in her garage for a similar reason- she is an artist and it helped as a sketching surface when she wanted to think fast and big, as she says sometimes, to get an idea out there.

I also had friends in college who had a chalkboard door- it was cool, although this would have been even cooler, since you don't need to install anything, or remove it, or anything like that.


I'm a writer and I would love to get chalkboard spray paint for my home office. It just seems like such a great way to make notes and brainstorm during the day, which happens a lot.

I can't always sit down long enough to flesh the whole idea out on paper, but a few notes somewhere is all I need. The problem with notebooks is sometimes I lose the book, so writing on the wall would be easy to find.

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